All You Need to Know About Databases as a Service


You have more than likely heard the term database-as-a-service, or DbaaS for short, and wondered what on earth people are talking about. It’s a term that used to describe the use of a host database through a pay-as-you-go subscription requiring no additional hardware. As the storage is controlled by an outside provider, they are also responsible for updates and making the space available to customers, which takes the worry/stress from the user. The DbaaS is a method commonly used by businesses to store application information in the cloud. That way they do not have to purchase additional software, hardware, or worry about the installation and as an on demand service they have the benefits of additional storage without the downsides.

No Upheaval for Deployment

Usually when you manage databases yourself, there are lots of aspects you have to think of including what you would do should a problem arise. You have to ensure there are recovery and upgrade options, as well as protection to stop hackers gaining access to any of your information to either steal or corrupt it. This is something that people that use databases as a service don’t have to worry about. The reason for this is that the management of the information storage is down to the storage provider rather than the person or business, leaving them free to get on with other things/utilize their IT staff elsewhere.

Better Tools

When using databases-as-a-service you can improve the applications you currently have by accessing both commercial and open source databases if you choose the right provider.  Users can also benefit from a more diverse database as well as being able to upgrade and scale without fuss while they are still able to use the applications without conflict.

Easier to Use

You don’t need a whole tech team when you need to make changes as you can use a database-as-a-service in under an hour without needing to customize, use coding, or configure for it to work in accordance to your needs. Upgrades are automatically installed, so you don’t need to worry about downtime as technology advances to protect your data and applications. The user chooses when the upgrades need to take place so that if there is any need for downtime it can be scheduled at a time when the hours of business are slower or closed altogether.

Safer Option

The database-as-a-service constantly replicates the data so if you were to lose any from your physical storage and devices it could be replaced quickly without downtime. Users are able to choose their backup frequency so that they can restore quickly from a timestamp of their choosing. The system does not need to be constantly monitored for flaws as they are automatically found and fixed.

Room for Company Growth

Being an on-demand service should the needs of the company change the storage can be altered without the need for additional software or hardware. There are numerous options to store which makes it a versatile service for all businesses no matter their size.