Add fun to your Instax shots with these cool accessories and add-ons


Having fun with your Instax camera? Why not get even more fun with some more accessories to tweak your pre and post shots? Here are some cool ones you can make at home.

Mustache. Inject fun humor to your shots with a wacky mustache for hours of fun. These are very easy to make. Just use a black scrapbook or construction paper (or any color of your choice), get bamboo skewers (chopsticks will do), tape, glue, pencil and scissors.

  • Draw a mustache on the paper and cut it out. Draw them free-hand or print one from the internet. You can use this as template for other mustache. Different shapes and styles are even funnier. Snip two identical mustaches at a time.
  • Now on the back of one mustache, secure the stick and use a small piece of tape.
  • Add a glue to the back of the other mustache and sandwich the stick. Smooth and let dry.

Stickers. Digital stickers are boring. Add a real one. You may already have one lying around, so use those to decorate your print-outs. Here’s how to make more stickers using old magazines. Just make sure everyone’s finished reading it – better yet, ask permission.

  • Cut out some graphic that you want to use as stickers.
  • Use a double sided tape and stick the other side of your pictures.
  • You’re done! It’s that easy.

DIY popsicle frame. These are fun and easy to make.

  • Take four popsicle sticks and create a box that’s customized to the size of your Instax’s prints.
  • Glue them together and leave to dry.
  • Paint or decorate the frame as desired. You can use acrylic paints, highlighters, beads, stickers, etc.
  • Glue the edges of the picture to the frame and voila. Instant frame.

Having a hard time finding one or fed up creating one yourself? That’s easy. Instax mini cameras with accessories are also available online. You can buy Instax accessories at Harvey Norman, so you don’t need to create one from scratch.

Don’t have Instax camera yet? Here’s why you need one right now.

Take instant snaps. Get your shots as soon as you take it. Intax camera spews out photos, which you can keep right away or give as a souvenir to your friends. No need to plug the camera to the PC and print using your printer.

Get creative. Many Instax cameras comes with tons of fun accessories that you can use to improve your selfies and photos. Be creative with the included props and throw in a bright red lips or a wacky mustache. Make a hilarious scene and print them instantly with your Instax.

Showcase your creations. After taking a photo, you can customize the photo with accessories before putting them up for show. You can put it in different photo frames for your desk. You and also hang it on the wall or share them with your friends or family.

Easy to carry. Instax backpacks are also available online; most are also included when buying an Instax pack along with fun add-ons.

There you have it. Whether you make your own Instax accessories or buy online, you’ll definitely enjoy your instant camera no matter what.