Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification


It’s been years since I graduated. As a graduate of the Department of Business and Industrial Engineering, I had difficulty deciding on a specific field of study. At that time, I got acquainted with “Project Management” which will give direction to my career. I got project management training, but I had to increase my experience in project management to become a PMP. I earned the required experience as soon as I got the PMP.

During my years of trying to become a PMP, I did not have a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification. If I had to guess, I would get the CAPM certificate without waiting. This certificate is an initial project management certificate issued by PMI in 2003.

If you are eligible for PMP, you can attend in an online PMP prep course.

It is a certification that people who do not have the project management experience of 4,500 hours, which is especially in the condition of being a PMP, but can be chosen by career target persons in project management. It may not be a project manager, but you may be a project team member involved in projects. Every project manager is delighted to work with team members who can speak the same language that dominates the methodologies to be used. For this reason you will be able to participate in projects and increase your project experience.

You can learn more about PMP exam requirements.

A CAPM certificate may also be a good starting point for new graduates. Nowadays project management is spreading in every sector in Turkey and awareness is increasing, I think that it is necessary to increase the awareness of CAPM by university students in order to recognize this career path as early as possible and to take this step in this way. This certificate can be regarded as a sign that the new graduate has both project management knowledge and a serious step in the development of this field. In this context, I sometimes collaborate with universities to organize seminars on topics and to raise awareness of young people, I carry out a kind of social responsibility project J

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How is it CAPM?

How do I get this certificate? You need to enter a test such as the PMP exam, but this exam is easier than the PMP exam 150 questions and a 3 hour exam. There are two options as the test entry condition.

  1. Experience of at least high school diploma and 500 hours project team member
  2. Minimum high school diploma and 23 hours project management training

If you are providing one of these two conditions, you can apply for the test, pay a $ 300 exam fee today, set the exam date and gain access to the online test. Again, it works on the basis of trust as it is in PMP exam. If you stay in “audit”, you are proving the entrance conditions. Then you can enter the exam and win the CAPM title. The cycle is 3 years for PMP and 5 years for CAPM.

You can follow Master of Project Academy to learn more about PMP and CAPM certification.