BPM Platform

BPM Platform

Bpm platforms present multi-functional web solutions for companies of all sizes. They combine great array of tools with exceptional security and user-friendly design. Bpm’online is one of the leading platforms and is widely used across the world.


BPM (or Business Process Management) is a concept which is widely used by many contemporary companies – from international giants to small start-ups. BPM is aimed at improving a company’s performance by introducing a comprehensive system for running and optimizing all internal business processes.

One of the most state-of-the-art and user-friendly BPM platforms is provided by Bpm’online – a leading developer and supplier of automated web solutions for businesses. The platform features a great number of efficient and convenient tools and is at the same time highly customizable – it can be tailored to the needs of a particular company so that it could satisfy all the business requirements. Let us discuss Bpm’online platform in detail and dwell on the main advantages it can provide for your business.

Main Tools of BPM Platform

BPM platform provides several useful tools which lay foundation for its efficiency and flexibility:

  • Powerful visual process designer. The platform enables quick and convenient visualization and data entry and processing. The design is simple and clear and helps to perform a big number of tasks in a limited period of time.
  • Preconfigured activities. Business management involves several kinds of activities, such as calls, e-mails, messages, routine tasks etc. The platform’s basic settings help to perform all these actions in mere seconds using preconfigured patterns and forms. These patterns can be easily customized for the main tasks that are regularly performed in your company.
  • User Wizard. This is a great tool that enables quick process modeling in BPMN. The user just has to insert actions and their owners, and the system will automatically make the relevant diagram. This process model can then be easily forwarded to all the interested employees and managers in order to secure smooth and efficient realization of the respective business process.
  • Process library. A comprehensive process database will enable you to track all the business processes in your company – from simple daily routines such as document approval to complex strategic projects involving multiple employees. The platform includes notifications and deadline settings which means that you will never miss an important task and all the projects will be fulfilled in due time.
  • Process monitoring and analytics. This tool is used for keeping record of all business processes (execution time, duration, values etc.). Clear and intuitive analytics menu will let you analyze your projects, identify bottlenecks and find appropriate solutions to them.
  • Customer relations management. The platform features special tools that help to track the history of customer relations and the customers’ activity in social networks. The system consolidates information on all clients and partners and gives the opportunity to extract the necessary data as quickly as possible. Besides, BPM platforms can process incoming requests and analyze other data on potential customers, thus helping to expand future clientele. For more information on CRM go to https://www.bpmonline.com/crm.

BPM Software


BPM platforms have very complex and advanced software that enables its functionality and serves as a base for further customization and personalization. Here are the main technical features of BPM platform:

  • Integration. Solution on the platform can be integrated with the help of web-services, temporary files, stored procedures and by means of OData protocol. This protocol enables the developers to perform the operations with all objects of BPM platform (selection, modification, cancellation) by using HTTP commands and get the responses in JSON, XML or Atom format.
  • Layout. The platform is provided in two forms – on-site and cloud. On-site solution involves organizing a special server room and, normally, hiring a number of full-time IT specialists whose main task will be to monitor and maintain the platform. Cloud platforms do not require separate space and maintenance and they are more flexible and easy-to-use.
  • Multi-level service-oriented architecture. Helps to model and automate any specific business processes in your company. Software products provided by Bpm’online are web-applications that do not require front end installation.
  • Exceptional security. BPM applications are hosted at professionally equipped data centers. Confidential data security is ensured at all four levels: physical, connection, network and application.

Hence, BPM platforms provide inestimable opportunities for managing and improving your business with the help of advanced web tools. Users can rely not only on preconfigured options but also on customizable applications that can be tailor to the needs of the company.

BPM platforms can be introduced by companies in different sectors – from sales and marketing to real estate and pharmaceuticals. Thousands of companies all over the world have already stated that Bpm’online platform has helped to optimize their business and bring it to a new level of efficiency.