In-app Messaging Tools: Better Engagement with Customer Onboarding


Are you happy that your website is finally giving you conversions? You have reached a stage where your website not just gets likes from people viewing it, but users are also buying your products. You are sure have worked hard to get to a comfortable level of customer acquisition and are actually growing in the right direction. Now that you are somewhat dynamic with your business, the next question that arises is ‘what next?’

Common customer behavior shows that they are always in haste, wishing to accomplish a lot of things. They lose their patience easily if they have to try figuring out for long time the things they need from your website. In case the user has already signed up, you are through the first stage thankfully. However, the tension of retaining the customer still remains.

Your job now is to fasten the learning curve with your merchandise. This can be done only by creating curiosity in them and making the learning fun-filled. You also need to ensure that you give a clear insight on how the product is going to benefit them. With all this in mind, using in-app messaging as a technique for user onboarding can help you strategize how to engage users can be right from the moment they sign up.

The sad truth about user onboarding is that email is no longer effective in creating an excellent onboarding experience for users today. The best way to provide your user the best service as soon as they sign up, not letting them away from your website, is by captivating them on your app or website.

Most mobile communications these days work around messaging apps. If your customer is able to communicate with ease using Facebook Messenger, they should ideally have the same ease while interacting with a business like yours. It is here that in-app communication comes handy. When applying in-app messaging during user onboarding, you can actually drive greater customer engagement on your website. There are two ways to make in-app messaging function:

One-way messages to help user onboarding using in-app messaging

Here you deliver relevant, topic related, immediate, and trigger-oriented messages to users the very moment they start surfing your products. You may have the text formats, or cards with videos or images inside that act as fun-filled learning aids to get to know your product or service better It has been observed that using web apps, customers can easily use the product even before they have created a profile or signed up.

Two-way messaging using in-app messaging system

There can be another option where immediate and context-driven message is passed on to the users, with the facility of user response through a tool in in-app messaging. This adds a fresh dimension to your app or website. The entire experience of user onboarding, hence becomes seamless as you can now understand your customer’s concerns. You can also identify what customer needs from your product/service and respond accordingly.

You can intensify user engagement during customer onboarding by using in-app messaging. Easy and the most interesting way can be to track activities and understand how customers explore your different products. First look into which trend of information or product customers are checking or using the most. This gives you a fair idea of the user’s interests, enabling you to customize information for the customer better and create asmoother and more engaging customer onboarding process.