4 Best Launcher Apps for Android Phones


There is no reservation that Android Launcher Apps have been a critical part of the Android world. These Android launcher apps allow you to customize your screen more extensively that any operating system I have known.

4 Best Launcher Apps for Android Phones

If you do not like how your home screens looks like, there are many launcher apps to choose from. Even there are some great iPhone launcher apps that can give your Android phone an iPhone like interface. Now check out the best Android launchers below that we picked.

l Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher has existed for quite some time, and it is in the list of the most used launchers. It gives the Android a good stock look together with some few features. Some of these include scrolling habits, transition animations, and a scrolling dock that you can put a lot of icons.

It also has an engine that is responsible theming. It has many themes that can be downloaded from the Google play store. It also supports Icon packs. It is known to be stable on almost every device.

l Action Launcher

It is the favorite for most people. Like An Apex Launcher, it is known to have a stock kind of look with some amazing features installed. It has a Quicktheme that uses the background to determine the accents.

It also has covers that have a unique take on the folders. Another feature is the Quick page that has a hidden homepage that you can access quickly. Action launcher is also stable with most updates on devices.

l Cm launcher

You have probably heard of CyanogenMod (CM) security. You might be wondering how these two relate. Apparently, CM Launcher and CM security have been done by one set of developers. It is the best Android antivirus that we have at the moment,

The app creates the smallest footprint that is conceivable and uses a limited amount of resources that belong to the system. It is fast, light and also known to be stable with most of the devices. It has an inbuilt virus due to its relation to the CM security.

l Buzz launcher

This launcher is very popular and has a variety of theming options to us. It uses the Home packs that are responsible for changing the whole home screen through customization and themes. There are more than 800,000 configurations which can be downloaded.

This means that the launcher allows you to play around with it all day and have other themes that can be checked. It is also stable with most devices, but complex.

Finally, you can make your home screen simple or complicated either the kind of launcher you use. The good news is there is a variety of the launcher apps to use such that you cannot get disappointed by all of them.

I wish you all the best in finding the one that suits you. Even through these launchers are deviations from the Nova Launchers everyone is used to, they offer more versatility and security. Meanwhile you can also check out an article that I wrote recently about some of the best apps like Snapchat for both Android and iOS users.