Top 5 Benefits of Using WHOIS Lookup


When you are selecting a custom domain name for your website, checking the availability of the name is important. You need to ensure that the domain you choose does not conflict with one that already exists because name duplication can compromise your product or service. To help you check for the domain name’s availability, use a Whois lookup.

WHOIS is a database used to store domain names for users who are already registered. Let us go through the top 5 benefits of having bulk Whois Lookup tool.

Domain name ownership resolution

You might have settled for a domain name, but once you use a bulk Whois lookup tool and you find that the name is already registered under another user, you might be discouraged. This should not suffice because having a bulk WHOIS tool will enable you also to see when the domain name expiration will be.

If you are lucky and the domain name is to expire soon, you can have the opportunity of bidding for the domain once the current one expires. Having a bulk Whois tool will help you to get the available domain name from the possible choices you have. You will save time using this tool.

Maintain the uniqueness of the domain

The brand of your website is what will make you stand out from the crowd. The easiest way to do so is to use the title of the company as the domain name of your website. However, the company title may have complicated characters that may cause some issues to arise. You can easily damage the reputation of your company if you use the domain name of another website. Once you use a whois lookup API, you will view the list of websites that have the same domain name as your desired name.

Ease of retrieving certain data on domains

Anyone who is in business needs to network. It is important to network to get potential clients, partners, and mentors from a relationship you make during a networking session. A Whois lookup will help you to get the contacts of other domain users who are already registered. You will get information like the registrant’s email address, and the company they are working with and much more. This will allow you to locate and contact entrepreneurs who have an online presence.

Track illegal activities

You can also use bulk Whois to track down fraudulent activities. The bulk Whois API has a verification feature that identifies illegal content. A cybersecurity specialist can use this system to restrict and investigate cybercrime.

Access to prior requests

It is vital always to record your past activities. For businesses, software that keeps a backup of the company records and transactions is important for the records to be used for future reference. This also applies to a situation where you need to access details on domains that you had looked at in the past. When you use the Whois tool, you will be able to view the results of the requests you made. You can get records that go back to a year, depending on the storage plan you have.