Get highly secured feature to protect your employees and minimize the risk of invaders


If you are running a business whether it is large, medium or small, you will definitely have a volume of visitors. It has become necessary to make your business and other working places secure and safe to some circumstances.  Every organization and management looks for ways to manage the volume of visitors and make many possible efforts to keep their space and business safe. So, having visitors for your facilities does not mean to scarify the security.

For all these issues, you can hire a visitor management system that will help you effectively and efficiently to welcome your visitors while having control over who are getting in. You can install visitor management system @goilobby which is creative tablet based software with lots of security benefits. It is a platform that performs check-in at the reception area of your office space to enhance the security infrastructure.

Some features to look for in a visitor management system

When you need to select a visitor management system, consider a system that you can customize easily to meet your specific needs. Here are some valuable features that you can look in visitor management systems:

  • Compliance – compliance is the right top feature on the series of the demands of visitor management, whether you are applying to short visitor contractors, inductions and quality management.
  • Security – this is also an important feature that promises you for the security from unwanted intrusions. A good system allows you to access all the areas, record blacklisted visitors and guarantee for the security check ups. The mobile number of visitors can be confirmed by a verification code a return notification sent to confirm visitor’s exit.
  • Contractors – the feature of managing entry and exit of the contractors is also vital for compliance and security. The management system should include contractor induction, verify and record insurance, manage contractor license and qualifications, prevent contractors from inspection if an induction has terminated and more.
  • Captured appropriate details – it is another main feature of visitor management system that it has the ability to keep a track of all appropriate details about the visitor. All the information is captured automatically in the database format. If he is a common visitor the system will verify their credentials or ID.

The system can also create visitor badges that can be used at one time which display all the details of visitor like name, photo, host name, affiliation and approved areas of approach and also the expired time of badges. It can also allow employees to register online by phone or electronically when any visitor arrives.