Three Easy Tips for Making Images Searchable


Content is a vital part of helping to drive traffic to a business website, but content is much more than posting blogs or writing articles for a website. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so images can be effective in drawing traffic if they are searchable. Here are three ways to make the images you post on your business website or on social media searchable to help find new customers.

Using Images as Content

The use of images as a way to attract followers and to promote businesses has grown exponentially in the past few years. Social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr allow users to post images to show their interests and promote themselves or their companies. Both Pinterest and Instagram continue to gain millions of users each year, and Flickr, which has been around much longer, hosts over 50 billion images on its site.

Using images allows you to promote your company quickly on your social media sites, as well as your website. Images can also be updated frequently, which helps to boost your site’s search engine ranking. Images are extremely shareable, and you can link to your business website by sharing images on your company’s social media accounts. In addition, your company doesn’t have to spend a lot of money to produce images as anyone with a smartphone can snap a picture and post it online.


Making Images Searchable

The company helping you with SEO services in Dubai can help make images work to draw web traffic by making them searchable on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! There are three easy ways a company can make the images you post on your website or social media sites searchable. It can:

  • Use keywords in file names.
  • Use keywords in image captions.
  • Create links from other webpages to your images.

You may have noticed that two of these three suggestions are about using keywords in image file names or their captions. This is important because most people use certain terms to find what they want on search engines. These terms, or keywords, will result in a page of results that link to websites or, in this case, images.

After doing a keyword search to find the most used keywords for the products or services your company offers, they should be used in the filenames or captions of the images you post online. When these keywords are used by web searchers, the results pages will include links to your images, as well as to your website. In addition, you should include links on your website to the image or to the webpage where the image is located.

By optimising your images by including keywords in the text regarding the image or in the filename, as well as creating links to them, the company can increase your site’s search engine ranking and draw more web traffic. In addition, creating social signals by sharing images will also help increase the search engine ranking and help to increase your business’ profitability.