How an electronic cigarette can help you quit smoking forever

Electronic Cigarettes

Quitting smoking is not an easy task and many people fail time and time again. However, in 2016 there is a new innovative way to help you to kick the unhealthy habit once and for all and it comes in the shape of an electronic cigarette (or cigar). The whole world is talking about them for one reason or another and they are proving to be one of the best modern aids on the market for people who want to quit but who find it hard to break the habit.

So, why are they so successful?

First of all, one of the reasons why we find it so hard to quit smoking is that we become addicted to the nicotine found in cigarettes. NUCIG electronic cigarettes and cigars will provide you with the hit of nicotine your body is craving without you having to light up a real and more harmful cigarette or cigar.

While many associate smoking with cigarettes, lots of people who are addicted to smoking actually smoke cigars but nowadays with so many health warnings about the dangers of any type of smoking, it is important to be able to quit the deadly habit – whatever you smoke.

A Choice of Flavours

You can also make the experience of smoking an electronic cigarette more enjoyable by choosing between a selection of flavours, including but by no means limited to the following:

  • Blueberry
  • Banana
  • Cherry
  • Coffee
  • Whiskey
  • Cinnamon

This means that you will find smoking an electric cigarette or cigar a more enjoyable experience than chewing nicotine gum or wearing a patch, thus making it easier to stick to.

Electronic Cigarettes

It Feels Normal …

A major part of the smoking habit is not related to the nicotine addiction but to the addiction of the action of smoking. Smokers get used to having something in their hand and taking it to their mouth to puff on and with electric aids; you still get to do that so you don’t have to break this part of the habit while also dealing with nicotine cravings.

They are Realistic

When you chew nicotine gum or wear a patch, there’s nothing about it that feels like you are smoking and it’s for this reason that many smokers fail in their bid to quit. E cigarettes and cigars have a life like appearance, especially the cigars that even come in the following flavours:

  • Cubana
  • Habana
  • Exotic shisha
  • Tobacco gold

Some of them are disposable while others can be recharged and again, it’s the realistic feeling of throwing a cigarette or cigar away after you have finished smoking that makes the disposable ones so popular.

Kicking the habit is hard enough when you have to deal with nicotine cravings but when you also have to break the addictive habit of the smoking action – it can feel impossible. This is why electric smoking aids work so well and 2016 should see a lot more smokers finally give it up once and for all.