Are Your Gadgets Killing You with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity?


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a sensitive topic. Although, experts have been going at it since the 1970s, we have only begun to understand small parts of its influence in our lives. Research shows that we have an electromagnetic system within our crude biomechanics that reacts to the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) coming from electrical and electronic components. Headaches, depression, sleep disturbance, frequent infections, limb and joint pains, hearing loss, concentration problems, and learning difficulties are only a few of the many issues that electromagnetic radiation can bring into our life. Implementing the latest electromagnetic interference shielding options in homes and offices seem to be a viable option to avoid temporary or permanent health issues.

Are Your Gadgets Killing You with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Clearing Out the Confusion

Despite the many campaigns that tried motivating us in minimizing the usage of electrical and electronic devices, the awareness level has not been very promising. Now the question remains — ‘are we up to making such a huge change in our lives?’ and ‘are we ready to put aside our smartphones, laptops and other gadgets to stay healthy?’

Apparently no. Our lifestyle would not support that.

But, you should also understand that our bodies are not designed to withstand electromagnetic and wireless radiation. If you are not really terrified about dizziness and fatigue, consider ‘cancer’ which is another ailment that continued exposure to EMF can cause. So what’s the way out of this classic catch-22 situation? Good electromagnetic shielding options.

Taking a Closer Look at the Present EMR Problems

Researcher Dr. Andrew Marino along with his colleagues at the Louisiana State University has produced concrete data regarding the existence of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) as an organic syndrome. In this carefully conducted double-blind test, the subject reacted every time the EMF was turned on. (During the initial days of researching this condition, studies found computers as the most radiation-emitting device. According to the tests conducted back then, Cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors could radiate electromagnetic frequencies and affect people in a close range. Information thus garnered, advanced the development of LCD monitors. But, they also emit radiation, however the amount is considerably lower than the CRT monitors. Those were the simpler years, but now we have hundreds and thousands of different machines and devices to deal with, each emitting harmful radiation and thus increasing the EMR level in the environment.

A survey conducted on EMR in the year 2001 indicated that most of the people who reported health issues from electromagnetic radiation were living near mobile phone base stations (74%) and power lines (27%) and used cordless phones (29%) or mobile phones (36%).

EHS Symptoms

The symptoms could appear with something as simple as a burning sensation on the skin. The point of origin could be face, or any other body area. The burning pain could come with skin rashes, eye problems, and blemishes depending on the level of exposure. The symptoms could be different for every individual. But, there are a few common issues that most of the EHS victims face. These are:

  • A feeling of being pricked in specific area or all over the body
  • Swelling in or around the nose, throat and ears without any obvious reason
  • Loss of memory and concentration problems
  • Dizziness, headaches, and nausea
  • Cardiac palpitations
  • Joint pains

Some of these symptoms match with other ailment symptoms. But, keeping a track of the initial deterioration signs of your health can isolate and point out the actual reason behind such issues. Keep in mind that bringing in a new Wi-Fi system or operating new electrical devices or components can cause electromagnetic exposure and trigger these effects. You can obviously take medicine for health deterioration. But, continued exposure to electromagnetic fields can negate the effects of medicine. So, shielding from the exposure of ERM is the best way to go about it.

Solutions for EHS Problems

The primary treatment of EHS includes controlling EMR exposure along with medication and alternative therapies. As EMR is invisible to the normal eye, a measuring process needs to be in place to monitor the exposure levels. An EMF/EMR meter can be a great help in such situations. The meters have a wider spectrum of measurement capability. From high (RF) to extremely low frequency ELF) electromagnetic radiation can be tracked through these devices. Consider measuring the radiation levels more than once in different periods or on different days. This process will help you to get an idea of the average radiation level and eliminate any discrepancies in the frequency level. If removing the electrical components that are serving as the source of the radiation is not an option, then you need to use shielding methods as protection. Many people in the US have moved to the National Radio Quiet Zone located in West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland.

Various EMF Shielding Choices You Can Go For:

Aside from radiation level measuring devices, there are some impressive merchandize in the market, which can help you live your daily life without being exposed to the radiation.

  • Shielding Paint– These paints can block electromagnetic fields that emit radiation. It works as any commercial grade painting liquid, and applying one or two coats can block EMF. It also works well with any other color applied over it.
  • Shielding Clothing– Clothing items that block EMF radiation have high quality silver ingrained and sewn together with fabric. The products are designed to feel like any other clothing item while protecting you from radiation.
  • Home Decoration and Construction Items– Items like carpets and curtains can now come with EMF blocking facilities. You can easily use it in your office or home. Plus, to negate the effects of high frequency radiation fields, you can use metalized polyester netting or thin stainless steel gauze while building your home.

With various electromagnetic interference shielding options available in the market now, you do not have to relocate to distant mountain ranges or fields. Exercise caution while managing the EMR inside your office or residence or while using gadgets that emit electromagnetic radiation. Always follow a foolproof plan designed by experts for health safety management.