Phone Tracking Helpmates to locate your Missing Smartphones


The smartphones have become an unavoidable additive to people’s lives in the recent years, which has made our day to day schedule unimaginable without it. But, sometimes we are prone to get into some unfavourable situations like, our mobile phone got stolen or we leave it somewhere in silent mode, where we are induced with a need for locating it deliberately. In those situations, various phone tracking methods helps us to locate them accurately.

Basically there are two types of phone tracking methods that are most prevalently in use; one is, to use a GPS enabled phone tracking technique and the other one, is to use the Multilateration technique, which measures the distance between two cellular towers based on the received radio signals. There are a numerous gps phone tracker applications and online websites that helps to locate stolen/missing mobile devices.

Mobile Tracking through Apps

Almost all the mobile tracking apps works based on the GPS method to capture location and are basically classified based on their compatibility with the Operating System on which the mobile phone functions. There are mainly two major mobile Operating Systems, which are predominantly used. Those are the iOS, and the Android OS. However, it is very important to keep in mind that these applications track the smartphones, only when they have a data connectivity and have its GPS switched-on. Let’s see about some of the effective tracking apps.

Android Device Manager: It is a convincing phone tracker online from Google, where an Android phone could be easily located just by signing-in to the Google account associated with your Android device from your computer, and the rest is done automatically. It also bears some advanced features like, to change the unlock PIN and to erase all data present in the mobile remotely.

Family Locator: Family Locator is an effective Android app used to track your mobile phone and can also be used to track someone else’s (friends/relatives) smartphones. It features a functionality called ‘Circles’ that allows to create groups and add people to it, by which anyone can locate smartphones of any person, inside a specific group.

Cerberus Anti Thief: Cerberus anti-thief is a complete anti-theft mobile app used to detect stolen or lost mobile phones. It contains number of features such as, making a loud alarm, when the phone is complained to be missing, even if it is in silent mode; locking the mobile phone remotely, using a code; wiping-out both the internal and SD card memory; and much more.

iTrack of iPhones: The iTrack is an iOS application developed for tracking iPhones. It has an inbuilt GPS tracker and maps application, to carry-out the process of locating iPhones seamlessly.

Phone Tracker for iPhone: The Phone Tracker is a simple, yet robust phone tracker app that is used to trace the location of an iPhone, and it also comprehensively delivers the path in which the mobile phone is travelling.

GPS Location Tracker: When you have installed this app on your iPhone, it periodically tracks the device’s locations and save them as a report on its secured server. You could log in to their portal to refer the last location of your device.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is an advanced software that is specifically developed for mobile phone spying purposes. Together with spy functionalities, it also offers to track a smartphone, using the GPS inputs from it. It results in accurate locations of targeted mobile devices most of the time, by capturing and recording its location every 10 seconds.


Truecaller is a web-based application that helps to track the owner of a specific mobile number. This application is widely used to pick the approximate location of a particular mobile number. However, it doesn’t have the ability to locate the current position of a mobile.