The Contribution Of Shane Perera Sri Lanka To Android Developing

The Contribution Of Shane Perera Sri Lanka To Android Developing

Android developing is a skill that is now being used to bring more traffic to a certain website or business. It has helped many people who are engaged in business to attract more customers.

What Is Android App Development?

The process of developing an application on Android is known as Android App development. It accesses the developers to understand, modify and integrate the software on the device. It has become a beneficial feature for the people engaged in business because they have got another platform for advertising their business and making people aware of their work.

One of the leading companies for an android application that has developed over 1000 apps were developed by Anushka Bandara and shane perera srilanka. They have become an inspiration for the coming android developers.

Advantages Of Becoming An Android App Developer

  • The main advantage of developing an android app is to attract more customers with your business. In a way, you are providing another platform for the customers to find you and it will automatically grow your business and popular among people
  • This will disable the bridge between the customers and the business person making it easy for them to connect. With the help of the latest technology available nowadays, has speeded up the process of starting the business and bringing customers to your website and business
  • With the increasing growth of Android development, this field requires low investment. On the other hand, the return on investment is high. The disadvantage of having less money has been removed
  • The integration factor in the business is easily done by the android developers which helps the business to grow. From the beginning of the application to the developing process, the ease in integrating and customizing an app has made improved very effectively
  • The software used by the app is quite easy to adopt by the developers. The platform on which the app is built on is free of cost and easy to utilize
  • It is also very beneficial for the business person because the app development has given them another platform to make people aware of the company or brand

Skills Required For An Android Developer

The first and the foremost thing required to become an android developer is to be well known with Java because all Android development is done with its help. There is no place for confusion in Java if you are dealing with android developing.

The developers should have SDK also known as Software Development Kit which is a packed set of code that lets you have access to devise functions. To give the customers some access to the website or to check something about their query, you should be able to offer APIs to the users. Many places like android developer melbourne provide facilities like these to make it easy for the customers to use the website.