Important Business Skills Can Be Learned in Online Degree Programs


Online degree programs are becoming commonplace in universities and colleges. Most schools offer at least some hybrid programs where courses are taken online with the others being taken on campus. Some schools offer complete degree programs online. Programs may offer anything from a certificate to a graduate degree upon completion. For anyone who needs to brush up on their business skills or advance their skills, online programs can be a great opportunity.

Benefits of Online Programs

Online programs are much more flexible than programs held on campus. They offer the chance to take courses anywhere and anytime the student wants. The time commitment is greatly reduced because of this flexibility.

In addition, there are a lot of savings to be had by choosing to get educated online. Students can live at home or in their own place without having to pay room and board fees to live on campus. Since they are not on campus, students also don’t have to buy a food plan and can budget their own meals. Finally, there is no traveling back and forth, so transportation fees can be reduced. In many cases, students get to attend a school they may not have otherwise been able to because of geography, such as Case Western.


Skills Taught in Online Programs

There are a couple different categories of skills that students will learn in an online program. These are general skills that are good for a business professional to have and then specific business skills.

One main general skill that every student will pick up is computer proficiency. Because online courses take place on the computer, students will get experience with using the internet, different interfaces, uploading documents, downloading documents and using email and messaging services. In today’s business world, computer skills are a must-have.

Communication skills, specifically written communication, are also solidified through an online program. Much of the work students do is written and uploaded. Students are taught to follow style guides and to communicate ideas clearly. This is a great benefit when transitioning into the business world where proper communication is key.

Accountability is another major skill learned. Students don’t have a teacher right there keeping them on pace or going through lessons with them. They must work through their lessons on their own and meet deadlines for projects, tests and other work. They learn to be responsible for their own success or failure.

When it comes to business skills, it really depends on the program. For example, a student could learn effective negotiation skills with a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution. If a student took an MBA program online, they would learn accounting, marketing, and leadership skills. Other programs might focus on skills like project management, employee relations, and economics.

Gaining skills through an online program can enable a person to improve his or her job prospects, secure a pay raise or even start a business. These skills are invaluable. Whether a person enrolls in a short certificate program or decides to go for a graduate degree, online learning is opening the door to make it easier to do.