4 Important Key Tips to Hire Certified Magento Developer

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As you all might know, Magento is one of the most robust open source eCommerce platform. It is widely used and the best eCommerce platform. However, it can’t guarantee success for your online store. Why? You need to hire magento developer who not only understands your business objectives, but also provides the right self-assurance to help your online store to stand tall among all the competitors.

It’s difficult to find a good Magento developer or the right Magento Development Company. A quick search on Google will give you list of hundreds of people and agencies self proclaiming Magento gurus themselves. But, it’s important to not get carried away by such claims and get your basics right by hiring a good Magento developer or Magento development company.

Some Questions to Ask Before Hiring Magento Developer

  • Can he handle team, guide your store management team on how to process the orders
  • Will he build up an easy to maintain store
  • Can he create multi-currency store whenever required
  • Will the developer work dedicately on your project
  • Can he do customization as per your request

Some Pointers to Keep In Mind While Hiring Magento Developer

Experience in Magento Development: The most important question to ask before you hire Magento developer or outsource your project to a Magento development company, is the complexity and types of Magento projects handled in the past. You can get lot of information by looking at their online portfolio. Remember that Magento is a complex system with a steep learning curve. So, while hiring Magento developer, always look for versatility, because if the company has worked for diverse niches, then they might have came across multiple development scenarios and will be able to handle your project in best possible way.

Quality Centric Process: Keep in mind that Magento development is not about cutting corners to find quick solution. Quality plays very important role in developing shopping carts which provides a great user experience. It’s important to ensure that company follows internationally recognized standards like ISO 9001 on quality management.

Similar Customer References: Never misjudge the power of customer references. You can check company’s client testimonials, feedbacks, and case studies or you can directly ask company to provide client references. Also, you will get more reliable answers directly from previous customers.

Make Sure You Have Enough Magento Development Resources as Backup: Are you hiring one-man team? If so, make sure that your project is in right hands. To run development process smoothly, it is essential that you have enough backup resources to fill the gap. It’s important that you don’t run out from skilled Magento developers, designers or testers. You must know the alternative strategy in case of non-availability of resources.

Conclusion: Magento eCommerce solution is no novice cup of tea. It requires extremely technical expertise. Remember, even for small changes in your project, you will need to contact your developer. In addition to this fiercely competitive market, it’s making things more challenging for retailers which is why, you cannot afford to make mistakes and develop an eCommerce website that don’t meet quality expectations.

So, it’s beyond doubt that your Magento development partner needs to provide the desired results. And, hiring Magento developer is not an easy task, you need to be cautious and careful to select the right Magento Development Company that can push your eCommerce site to the next level.