How To Protect Your House From Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation


Technology has improved over the years, and this has led to the invention of many electrical and electronic appliances designed to help increase productivity level and improve efficiency. One thing you should know is that these appliances emit radiation otherwise known as the EMF radiation. These radiations are dangerous to the health and could lead to some serious health problems. About two-third of the world’s population are exposed to electromagnetic radiation in one way or the other. For being in an environment where electronic devices are being used, then you stand a risk of being affected negatively by the emissions of electromagnet fields. It is, however, impossible to stay away from these areas due to the technological advancement in the world today. Everyone is going digital as compared to the traditional method, making one susceptible to these radiations leading to health related issues such as insomnia, nausea, lack of concentration among others. Fortunately, there are some electromagnetic radiation shields  created to provide full protection for individuals.

Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

Those who intend protecting themselves from the effect of radiation must have a perfect understanding of their level of sensitivity in regards to EMF radiation. The level of electromagnetic sensitivity differs in almost every individual. So, before buying an EMF shield, it is advisable to know your level of sensitivity. Once this is done, you can choose the most suitable electromagnetic radiation shield for you.

When and why to protect and block EMF/EMR

Electromagnetic radiation is a common occurrence in our environment today. Electromagnetic Hyper sensitive people must avoid and protect themselves against EMF the best way possible, because they stand a higher tendency of getting affected negatively. It is advisable to constantly protect yourself from EMF radiation. Though the advent of anti EMF products has made it easier to eliminate these radiations. If you think your home is air tight thus protecting you from the EMF radiations coming from within the environment, you are absolutely wrong, as these radiations can penetrate into any environment. So the best way is to get electromagnetic shield.


It is very important to buy high quality electromagnetic shield to ensure effectiveness. If you are finding it difficult to have any of these EMF shield products installed in your home, you should not hesitate in seeking the services of a professional. For the DIY approach, it is important to follow the guidelines strictly to ensure the product is well installed and positioned for adequate protection against EMF.


Personal RF Protection

For those that are highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiations and have made several attempts to minimize the effects of EMR in their environmental but to no avail, the RF protection clothes comes in handy. These clothes do not only prevent EMF radiations from having access into your body but it also allow an individual to enjoy a prolonged stay in an EMF environment while minimizing the risk of exposure and health hazard that these radiation can cause to the human health. There are many different EMF radiation shields available on the market. It is therefore advisable to try different products and find the ones that best suit you and your budget.