How to Import LUTs from Third Parties in Final Cut Pro X


The moment you discover that you’re unable to add your LUTs remotely on Apple’s Final Cut Pro X can be very disappointing. The built-in Look Up Tables (LUTs) are essential mathematical calculations that denote the difference between the result and the source. To color grade your footage, you will need to import LUTs.

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Using Third-Party Plugins In Final Cut Pro X

The easiest way to apply your own LUTs to the Final Cut Pro X is by using a third-party plugin. There are several available third-party plugins that you can use, and you need to know which are the most beneficial and simple to use. Below is a list of the plugins you will need should you want to import your own LUTs into Final Cut Pro X.

1. Pixel Frame Studios

A free plugin known as the FCPX LUT loader is contained in the Pixel Frame Studios and it allows you to import personally designed LUTs. Once you load your LUT, you can apply the grade by merely inputting the LUT.cube files directly into your timeline. With the FCPX LUT loader, you can quickly grade and color correct your footage without needing to use any other software. You simply need to drop the loader right on top of your footage and use the drop-down menu to import and select LUT cube file. It is compatible with the High Sierra and Mac OS.

2. mLUT

When you need five amazing free LUTs design and the ability to load personal LUTs, then mLUT is one of your best options. mLUT makes it easy for you to preview and apply your LUTs because of how they are well-arranged and assorted. mLUT also gives you the opportunity of upgrading to either Insta and Blockbuster which come with amazing cinematic looks and cost about $59. This plugin can also be used in Motion 5 and not just Final Cut Pro X.

3. Color Grading Central

The Color Grading Central standalone LUT Utility plugin is widely gaining popularity because of its unique features and the trial version option. It costs about $29, but the free trial version allows you to apply LUTs to images exposed by LOG in Canon C-Log, ARRI Log, RED Filmlog, Blackmagic Camera Film, Sony S-Log, Panasonic, and Nikon. With the LUT Utility plugin, you can easily manipulate the intensity of the applied LUT, and it is swift. It can also be used in FCPX and Motion 5 with a lot of ease and productivity.


Adding an LUT is probably either the first or last thing you do to enhance your color grading process. Third-party plugins are your best option although you need to ensure that you get them from the official sites. Be careful when it comes to using third-party plugins because they may just be full of harmful malware and viruses. In case you need to use any other third-party plugin not mentioned, then ensure you look at customer reviews and do extensive research before using them.