Three Times When Even the Most Hardcore Gamers Will Pick Up A Casual Game


Casual gamers are usually thought of by developers, marketers, and even the gaming community as being the total opposite end of the spectrum to hardcore gamers. While this may be true to some extent, in terms of the way the players feel about gaming and how important gaming is to them as a hobby, what it does not mean is that hardcore gamers never play or enjoy casual games.

In fact, it is easier to think of hardcore games as being for hardcore gamers, and casual games being for just about anyone. Casual games, such as mobile games, puzzle games, and quiz games, are effectively the gaming equivalent of the puzzles in newspapers and magazines – a quick break anyone can enjoy.

So, when are the times when a hardcore gamer might be tempted to load up a casual game on their phone or go on a site like where you can play fun casual games online?

When A Game is A Popular Culture Phenomenon

People who are very into gaming tend to be interested in things like game design too, so if a game is hugely popular and being talked about and referenced a lot, chances are they will give it a try just to see what the fuss is about. Even if they are not expecting to enjoy it, serious gaming enthusiasts often want to know what they are talking about before they engage in conversation about a game, and when something is as big as Angry Birds, Bejeweled or Pokemon GO were when they were new, they’ll want to take a look.

When There is Time To Kill

Sometimes, you just want something you can play a quick round of while you are waiting at an airport and casual mobile games offer this. Just like anybody else, a hardcore gamer tends to have no problem firing up a mobile game for a way to kill time, particularly when they don’t have their PC or console to hand.

When They Want To Play Something, but Are Too Busy To Get Into A Proper Gaming Session

Many of the games hardcore players favor are very deep and rich, and require the player to get fully immersed for a decent period of time to really achieve anything. Sometimes, a passionate gamer might spend hours at a time in a game without even realizing how much time has passed. Of course, like anybody else, gamers have times in their lives when they are far too busy to devote that kind of time to their hobbies, and when this is the case, they may turn to more casual things like platform games, retro arcade games, or even quick puzzle games to enjoy the mental break gaming provides without risking the temptation to go ‘in a hole’ and play for too long.

Essentially, even if they won’t always admit it, hardcore gamers do have a use for fun, short games to play, and do tend to be interested in this area of the market, at least to some extent.