Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best CDN Provider

CDN content delivery network distribution file access across server vector

CDN (Content Delivery Networks) is a name commonly used when referring to data centers and proxy-servers distributed in various geographical locations. These proxy-servers ensure that the service is not only functional but also accessible to all end users.

With the help of cheap CDN, companies can enhance their online presence in the market. This enables them to deliver quality user experience in the different corners of the world. Fast website response times lead to higher end-user satisfaction. Furthermore, it increases conversion rates and customer adoption.

Statistics reveal that CDN serves about 50 percent of the total content or information consumed over the internet globally. Experts expect the market size of CDN to increase from $4.95 billion in the year 2015 to $15.73 billion in the year 2020.

What Is a Content Delivery Network Provider?

The CDN is usually concerned with all kinds of content delivery, including streaming, software downloads, performance measuring services, mobile and web loading acceleration, multi CDN switching, load balancing, cloud intelligent, transparent caching, and many others.

Some CDN vendors offer services such as WAN optimization and data security which are actually beyond their industries. Popular CDN providers usually target online brokers, banks, portals, retailers, and related businesses.

There are heaps of CDN providers in the market. To cut your long list of selections, use the following tips when choosing a CDN provider to go for.

  • Know the Bandwidth Needs of Your Website

If you really want to make the best choice when it comes to selecting a suitable CDN provider, know the bandwidth needs of your website. With the correct information, you can easily tell whether you need a CDN or not.

  • Identify the Location of Your Visitors

It is important to remember that CDN is actually a network of servers distributed across various geographical locations. Choose a CDN who has servers close to the areas where the visitors are situated. If most of the people who visit your site live in the US, choose CDN whose servers are spread all over the country.

  • Determine the Number of Servers a Particular CDN Has

It is important to consider the number of servers a CDN has. Keep away from CDN that has few servers spread across the world. It is recommendable to choose the one with several servers in various parts of the world. Such a CDN provider will be an excellent fit for your websites especially if they get traffic from various regions of the world.

  • Recognize the Technology and Support

Finding out the type of support and technology a CDN can offer can help you make the most appropriate decision. To know more about a CDN provider’s services, ask agents some relevant questions you’d like to ask.

Final Thoughts

The performance of your website depends a lot on the quality of the CDN services you choose. This is the main reason why you need to be careful in choosing the right CDN provider.