Genieo For Mac: Simplify Your Browsing


Genieo is a web browsing software program that allows you to easily organize, manage and access content that is important to you. This program is now available for Mac users and it provides a new method of managing the incredible amount of information that is available on the internet. This software is intelligent so it is able to learn from your browsing behaviour and regularly visited sites in order to provide you with relevant content. You do not need to manually filter or update your preferences as this software does all the work for you – all you need to do is browse the web.mac

This program does not use any servers so it is classified as a client-side solution. The first time this software is opened, it installs a plug-in on your Safari browser or other compatible browser. Once the installation is complete, you just need to browse the web as you normally do and Genieo’s algorithms will do the rest. It is easy to install this software. You just need to visit the Genieo website and select download. You will be asked to install the extension and you can make Genieo your default browser homepage. In addition, you can connect your social media accounts to Genieo.
Social Media Networks

If you have chosen to change your homepage to the Genieo startpage, you will have a completely personalized page each time you open your browser. Genieo works to find news and information from your preferred sites and then displays this information directly on the startpage. This program also gives you a list of sites that contains content that is relevant to you particularly from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This software takes a unique approach to Twitter – instead of repeating every tweet from followers or spamming your followers with tweets, it searches for tweets that interest you. You do not need to script or filter this content – it is done automatically. Facebook is also managed in the same way as this software will only show you wall posts and content that meet your requirements and interests.
Browsing Privacy

You may be concerned about privacy as you will probably not want this program to gather information on your banking site, email and other private sites. Luckily, Genieo secures your privacy and personal information by ignoring private and secure sites. You will see a visual notification on the task bar when you are viewing a private site. In addition, because no outside servers are involved your information cannot be accessed by a third party.
Sharing with Genieo

This program also enables you to share information with your friends and family. Additionally, Genieo will continuously be updated to improve its sharing capabilities. In order to share stories with friends and family, you just need to select ‘Your Personal Magazine’ on the startpage. You are then directed to a magazine-style page that features your top stories of the day. You can accept the suggested stories, move them around or exchange them with other stories. The layout of this page is well-organized and it requires little effort on your part in order to publish these stories. This is great for users who do not have the time or do not wish to spend much time publishing posts manually.
The Genieo Experience

Genieo was created in order to help your computer and browser learn more about you. Cloud services are generally good at understanding your interests but your web browsing and RSS feeds always required that you manually update them. With this program, all that time-consuming work is done for you so you can spend more time visiting sites that interest you rather than spending time updating your preferences. Another great feature of this program is that is can be used on your iPhone and iPad. These devices are completely compatible with the software and you will only need to use web support to make these features available – this can be done from the startpage. It is recommended that you allow two full days for the program to learn your preferences and interests. Your web browsing experience has never been easier with this software program. You no longer need to put in any effort to manage your preferences – just browse and watch your startpage fill with relevant content.