CCTV Placement Ideas for the Perfectly Secured Premise


Installing a CCTV system at your place of business offers a myriad of benefits. From serving as a powerful deterrent to would-be thieves to capturing crimes and attempted crimes on video which can be used to assist the police in catching and prosecuting the offender, there’s a wealth of benefits to having a local security company advise you on the different types of systems available, not to mention the benefits they offer, so that you can make the right decisions about the system they’ll install at your workplace.

CCTV Placement – Where is the Best Place to Install a CCTV System

If your system is to serve as a deterrent and provide you with evidence if it’s required, you need to have it installed in the right location. When talking to CCTV experts in Perth about the different types of systems available, also discuss the layout of your workplace in relation to where would be the best places to install the cameras. Here are a few tips.

  • The entrances and exits of the workplace – This is the most obvious place to install a camera and it makes perfect sense to install one at the entrance and exit to the workplace as you can take footage of everyone who enters and exits your place of work. More information about CCTV camera systems and the benefits of placing them at the exit and entrance to your workplace can be found by speaking to a CCTV specialist.
  • The reception area (if you have one) – Most businesses with a reception area have a CCTV system installed here because it serves as a deterrent in one of the areas with the most traffic. For businesses like medical practices, having a CCTV system installed in the reception area is essential for security reasons because all customer interaction points should be monitored.
  • The storeroom or warehouse areas – In many places of business, especially retail and hospitality businesses, the storeroom or the warehouse is where the stock is stored, often expensive stock that makes their workplace a target to thieves, including current and past employees. It’s shocking how so many crimes, usually theft, are committed by employees, so don’t take any chances, install a CCTV system and protect your valuable stock.
  • Loading docks – Having a good system installed in the loading docks is important as it enables the business to effectively monitor their deliveries and outgoing inventory. What’s more, businesses with expensive items that are loaded and unloaded at the delivery dock may be targets for thieves, even armed robbers. As loading docks are relatively secluded places, they’re always going to be a target, so don’t take any chances.

Depending on your business, these places are likely to be the best spots to install a CCTV system.

Don’t Take Any Chances

To sum things up, it doesn’t pay to take any unnecessary chances with your security at work, so invest in a good CCTV system to monitor at-risk areas of your workplace and consult a security expert to work out which system is best for your business and where are best places to install a CCTV system.