What should you need to know about Video Cameras

It’s good to share what we do with friends and family, and modern technology makes it much more accessible than ever before. But if you are confused with the camera, keep in mind some cameras that have grabbed my eye.

First, there is a Flip Overihr HD. It is excellent if you are cooling technology, or when you come to technology you are a little excited. This is what many people want; they want their electronic devices to work with a button. That’s what the flap camera does! Increases in a few seconds and is only registered with the big red button on the back. This is the disappointment of all the device controls I have ever seen! When you are busy in engagements, or you want to relax, this kind of facility is essential when you want to avoid problems.

Best video camera are valuable and vulnerable, but if you are going to spend an active holiday, you’re worried about breaking it. It is understandable though. Codec place caps have been designed to withstand shocks and bruises so that you can keep these fears in comfort and joy. It is also water resistant, so do not worry if you want to swim or swim across!

Design: With a stunning new model, the Codex G8 provides a dark, black, blue surface that is easy to put in the pocket. Although it is not the smallest pocket camera in the market by 4.5 inches of 2.4 inches by 0.9 inches, it is very light at 4.8 oz. The camcorder is thin with a first lithium-Aryan battery and provides a 2.5-inch LCC screen. However, the glossy Safari Fine Scratch is not scratching so you should have a plastic cover to match it.

Specifications: The codec Zi8 is one of the market’s first camcorder camera to deliver 1080p high-resolution video capture per 30 frames per second. While 720p cameras work by default, it provides high frame clarity, from 30 fax to 60 fax to 720p. This camcorder comes with a 1/2 inch CMOS sensor. The camcorder can support 32 GB SDHC memory cards and is supported by USB or AC adapter. With a built-in microphone and speaker, the camcorder provides good audio and sound, but for better sound, you can connect an external receiver too.


Features and performance: Fortunately, using the Codec Z8 is very easy and comes with a new four-wire vibrator to quickly communicate. With fast and fast 4-speed revival, the camcorder allows you to slow down or review or rewind at the same time. Video quality is excellent, better equipped with lens and sensor video cameras. Image resolutions mean that it should have large file sizes with around 14 to 15 minutes of 1080p video, including 30 free files, with more than 2 GB of data, so you should seriously consider 16 GB or 32 GB. Should consider getting an SDHC memory card. Other noted features include improved macro mode, allowing the video camera to be focused on another perspective. Altogether, the Codex GI 8 HD Pocket Video Camera is a great packet camcorder anywhere in the industry, especially if you are looking for a 1080p video capture.


What are the Best Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones?

Are you on the hunt for noise cancelling headphones? Bose are a name that are synonymous with quality in the earphone sector, and we thought we at Portable Technology would examine two of their headphones that feature noise cancellation technology and identify which product is best.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

These Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are primarily designed for use with Apple devices.

The headphones are able to offer a deep, powerful sound to give you a fantastic listening experience for the music you love. You will notice right away that the headphones are lightweight, comfortable and offer a snug fit thanks to the around-ear fit. They don’t become uncomfortable after wearing for an extended period of time, and if you are a home worker, you can wear these all day long without any ear fatigue. The noise cancelling technology in these Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones is also mightily impressive.

The remote and mic of the headphones are compatible with the following Apple devices: iPhone 3GS or later iPad, iPod touch 2nd generation, or later iPod classic 120GB, 160GB iPod nano 4th generation or later.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones

Another pair of Bose headphones we would recommend are these Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones.

They make use of noise-rejecting dual-microphone system technology for crystal clear phone calls and voice activation. The headphones are also able to work well with Amazon Alexa. All that you need to do is simply update your software via the Bose Connect App and you will have the ability to hit the Action button to access hands-free voice control. With the Action button, you can also easily adjust the level of noise cancellation that you’d like.

There are three levels of world-class noise cancellation for you to choose from, to allow you to select the best listening experience. Because it is Alexa-enabled, this will give you the chance to use voice access to get access to your music, information and more.

With these headphones, it is possible to get up to 20 hours of wireless play time from the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is included with the headphones. Similarly, there is upwards of 40 hours of listening in wired mode available.

We loved the hassle-free Bluetooth pairing that these headphones use.

Have you used either? For more information about Bose headphones, check out



We are in 2018 and saying you need a phone that only sends and receives texts and makes and receives is no longer a plausible excuse for avoiding technology. There are smartphones which do basically anything you’d wish for, and, of course, there are apps for everything now.

Technology has advanced and broken unimaginable barriers. Common devices are getting smarter: smart TV, smart fridge, and smart homes. Robots, artificial intelligence, and Augmented Reality are now mainstream. Robots can now cook, and in a few years, with the advancement of technology, we could attend job interviews with robots as the interviewing panel.

A Smartphone

The major smartphone manufactures releases several smartphones annually ranging in prices, features and performance. Even then the major operating system for smartphones is Android run by Google and the iOS that comes installed on all the iPhones from Apple.

Whichever OS you prefer, you need a smartphone for easy and convenient connectivity to the internet and the rest of the world. In a world where there is demand for information at your fingertips, a smartphone will come in handy.

There are downloadable applications for either operating systems with the Google Play store for Android users and iTunes for iOS users. From these two platforms, you can practically download all the apps you could ever need. From communication tools like Viber and Whatsapp to fitness tracking apps like Google Fit and iOS Health to help you stay healthy and fit. From photo sharing apps like Instagram to microblogging ones like Twitter. You can get more organized with Evernote and other scheduling apps.

Smartphones are getting more powerful by the day, and high-end smartphones incorporate artificial intelligence that makes Siri and Google Now, which are digital assistants, possible.

A professional camera

All smartphones come installed with at least a 5MP camera, which is not bad for taking selfies and social media photos. If you want high-quality photos, however, you must invest in a high-quality camera. A professional camera comes in handy when you are traveling, and you need to capture the moments for posterity.

A high-quality standalone camera has much more pixels than your average smartphone cameras and should be capable of shooting high-quality HD photos and videos. The good things about professional cameras are that you don’t have to break the bank to acquire one. There are budget DLSR cameras which shoot amazing photos. You can check a selection of some of the best cameras at

A smart TV

If you are thinking of buying a TV in 2018, then go for a smart TV. Smart TVs have been around for a while now and are becoming more affordable. The picture quality has significantly improved as well as the screen size.

You need a smart TV not only for the internet connection they have but also for the ease of access to great online content. With a smart TV, you have access to unlimited sporting action, news channels, movies and series in addition to Internet TVs like Netflix and Hulu. Better still, you can download your favorite apps through a smart TV.


4 Tips for Winning Drone Video Competitions

As drone video cameras have become very popular among video enthusiasts, there has also been an increase in the number of competitions dedicated to drone videos. And if you are planning to participate in one, then the below tips can help you increase your chances of winning the competition.

Know and Abide By the Rules

All major video competition, whether it is the AirVuz Drone Video Awards or anything else, will have a clear set of rules and regulations that participants are expected to abide by. Make sure that you read and follow them thoroughly. For example, every competition is likely to have a theme that you are supposed to focus on. If the theme is landscapes, then most of the video must focus on landscapes rather than skies, cities and so on. Remember to check the end date of application and submit the video at least two to three days before the due date. The submitted video must also meet the length, format, and file size requirements as set out by the rules of the competition. And be sure to never add any copyrighted content into the video as this can be a sure shot way to get yourself disqualified from the contest.

Learn How the Winner Is Chosen

Check how the contest chooses its winners. One way to do this is to see what videos were selected as winners in the previous competitions and look for similarities in them. For example, if you find that most of the winning videos had a bright color tone, then you should also make your video have bright colors. You must also take into consideration as to who chooses the winners. In some competition, the winners are chosen by a few judges, in some by an audience poll, and in some a combination of both judges and audience poll.

Plan Your Script and Then Shoot

Always plan your script well in advance so that you can finish the shooting stage quickly. If you just start shooting with only a vague idea in mind, then it is possible that you may not be able to shoot the perfect video you have in mind, eventually resulting in you losing out from the competition. Ideally, start with a strong hook so that the judges and audience are interested right from the beginning. And remember to make the videos emotionally moving.

Compliment the Sponsors

Video competitions will have sponsors who make it possible for the competition to happen in the first place. And usually, a couple of representatives of sponsors will be on the panel of judges. As such, it is a good idea to compliment your sponsors at the beginning of the video, thanking them for making the competition possible. This will create a favorable impression in their minds, and they are likely to rank your video higher. However, remember that you should never indulge in flattery or too much praise, as you can end up looking too desperate to please the judges. This will obviously be a big turn-off for the judges, who might choose to rank you lower.


TCXO Vs. OCXO Oscillators

When it comes to choosing oscillators, you needn’t look any further than Euroquartz! Euroquartz is your go-to provider of the TCXO Oscillator, as well as the OCXO Oscillator.

A Quartz crystal oscillator is used to create an electrical signal, as well as providing a precise frequency. The crystal oscillators supplied by Euroquartz are popular for their ability to keep track of time. The circuit of the Quartz crystal oscillators is integrated too.

When deciding which oscillator is best for your application, Euroquartz make the process easier, allowing you to choose a crystal or a temperature controlled oscillator. But what’s the difference?

Temperature Controlled Oscillators.

The TCXO Oscillator can reliably keep track of time and is one of the most cost-effective oscillators on the market. As well as this, it’s renowned for its high-performing nature, hence why it’s used for smartphones and GPS.


An example of one of the temperature controlled oscillators from Euroquartz is the EM53T CMOS TCXO. This is a miniature 4 pad SMD which is a high-specification product that is low cost. Euroquartz supply this Quartz crystal oscillator in a variety of frequencies- click here to find out more!

Oven Controlled Oscillators.

In contrast to this, the OCXO Oscillator is more expensive than the TCXO, however, it has more to offer. The OCXO Oscillator has a large footprint when compared to that of other oscillators, however, this doesn’t impact upon its performance! This type of oscillator offers greater stability and precision, making it a reliable choice for military equipment.

YH1311- Sine Wave OCXO

Euroquartz has an extensive range of oscillators available for you to choose from, including the YH1311 oscillator. This type of oscillator is an example of a crystal oven which provides little disruption. The oscillator features a low phase noise and has a frequency range of 10MHz right up to 30MHz. Check out the crystal oven today!


The design of the crystal oven and the temperature controlled products is very different. The TCXO Oscillator is used to control voltage whereas the OCXO Oscillator is used to control power. In addition to this, the design of the TCXO Oscillator is designed to stabilise frequency and maintain precision but the crystal oven is designed to operate at a specific temperature and is designed to be long-lasting.


The warm-up period of the two varies. The crystal oven takes longer to warm up than the temperature controlled oscillator because it operates best when it reaches a certain temperature. The TCXO generates a thermal equilibrium which allows it to work so efficiently.


Needless to say, everything requires careful consideration and regular maintenance, however, any Quartz crystal oscillator from Euroquartz requires periodic testing. This testing is recommended every 6 to 12 months, it merely depends on the device itself.

The calibration of the Quartz crystal oscillator is dependent on a number of factors, one of which being the accuracy of the oscillator. If the device has high electrical sensitivity, there needs to be regular calibration to ensure that maximum functionality is achieved.

Don’t hesitate to speak to the experts about the TCXO and OCXO today- call Euroquartz on 01460 230 000!


Difference Between 3D LED And Smart TV

Houses are getting smart and moving towards the smart technology with smart lighting, smart appliances and so on. Televisions have got smarter too and this has incredibly improved the way we enjoy entrainment in our daily life. So, if you are thinking of buying a new television then there are several types of technologies available that may perplex you. The most common of all the types are 3D LED and Smart TV.

Most televisions have outgrown the LCD technology and these days most of the standard televisions are made from LED material. The Smart televisions are basically LED models that come with Internet capabilities, hence they have the ‘Smart’ in their names such like smartphones. These television sets can be used to enjoy a plethora of Internet features such as watching movies online, transferring videos and images online etc.

3D LED Television

Now let’s see what is a 3D LED television. When we say 3D TV, it actually means a HDTV that comes with 3D compatibility. This is a feature that comes on the higher-end LCD, LED and plasma TVs that were released in 2010. These types of television sets are capable of displaying the specialized 3D content which uses some specific accessories such as a 3D source device and 3D glasses.

Most of the 3D TVs that you see in the market today are first and foremost 2D high definition and they don’t need any special glasses to view them. The 3D technology is no doubt an immersive experience and people just love to try this however for only a short time. It is worth noting that prolonged exposure to 3D can give you eye fatigue, headache and dizziness.

The 3D compatibility of the television sets is just another extra feature or capability just like a fancy remote or Internet streaming. You may either take it or leave it, as you desire. It is a feature that manufacturers use to differentiate an expensive model from a low cost one.

Most of the 3D TVs will come with a 3D glasses that helps you see the 3D content with great ease. The image displayed on the screen is basically separated into two different images, one that is meant for the right eye and the other one is designed for the left eye. If you watch 3D content without the glasses, the picture quality seems fuzzy. When you wear the glasses, this process is known as fusing and this phenomenon is called stereopsis.

3D LED or Smart TV

If you are confused whether you want to buy a 3D TV or Smart TV, it is important that you first decide what it that you actually want from a television is. Do you want your television to be Wi-Fi enabled so that you watch streaming online videos and other amazing stuff? Do you want your television to be three dimensional so that you can enjoy a more immersive experience?

We hope the above information gives you an idea about the difference between 3D LED and Smart TV. Keep watching this space for more information.


Hubsan H501s Pro – Offer Wireless Remote Control

Hubsan H501S is one of the highly-featured quadcopters in the today market. It equipped with the integrated camera of 1080p video. The Advanced version of Husban H501S referred as the professional variant that is a great and effective upgrade from the old versions of the controller. If anyone were to select or purchase the standard version and the advanced version, then choose the advanced version because that offer high-quality controller. The hubsan h501s pro is loaded by the four brushless motors with the self-tightening propellers. In addition, the user can also use rechargeable lipo battery with the JST connector and it helps to power transmitter with 8 AA cells.

Focus on clear vision

The GPS position making the device and accurate that allow the user to focus on the creative vision than the flight control. The latest version of this flight comes with the more effective and integrated 5.8 GHz FPV1 transmitters. Most of the online site offers ready to fly the multi-rotor builds. You can also pick the gear selection and frame to create the customized assembled frame. They provide the lot of the easy option to choose and also build the rtf drone specific to your requirements and needs. You can order the RTF quadcopter and you will be flying in no time.

Features of hubsan h501s

The function of the quadcopter includes Camera, GPS location tracking, hovering, CF mode, FPV, automatic return, altitude mode, right, left, down, up and others.

Video Transmission

The advanced version of this device loaded with the5.8G FPV system, 2.4G transmitter and others that provide the control of flight, images, and video with the high- quality LCD screen. You can also share photos and videos to the LCD display at the anytime and anywhere in the world.


Hubsan H501S built-in the 1080P HD Camera and it allow you to capture the stunning video and photos. it allows the user to adjust the camera setting to capture high-quality pictures such as color, exposure look, contrast, setup speed, saturation, and others. This device can support the mobile app and wifi so anyone can share the photo and videos easily.

GPS Position System

It equipped with the GPS built-in that can lock the position of drone and hover at the certain altitude. With the help of the GPS positioning technology, make the quadcopter more safe and accurate on the positioning the location.

Automatic Return

It has built-in with the GPS that allows the flight enter into the failsafe mode while the connection is lost from the controller. With help of the failsafe mode, the control system of the flight will control the device automatically to return to the home point. This feature helps you to avoid the further injuries of the device.

Brushless Motor

Every motor of the device is made of the superb technology, more durable and powerful. It is available in a different color such as white and black. In the headless mode, the users no need to recognize the aircraft headpiece position and they should control the aircraft with the remote control direction operating rod.


An overview on Macro LED ring flash light

Macro photography is also called close-up photography. To put it simply, this type of photography is for shooting pictures of close-up subjects. Therefore, photographers should maneuver the camera closer to the matter to allow them to make great pictures and reveal its elements that are miniature. Carrying the camera nearer to the subject influence the qualities of the image and entail significant challenges. That is due to the shadow of the lens in the photo itself. As a result of LED ring lights photography, photographers will not need to worry about shooting quality macro photos. Due to such a light, macro photographers won’t have some issues shooting quality close-up pictures.

LEDs will be the material which makes this apparatus work. It converts electrons via a process. The color of the light generated by these photons mostly is determined by difference and the corresponding energy level involving the LEDs. LEDs materials give off red light having an extremely low-intensity level. Nevertheless, it offered forms and virtually all shades of light in this type of technology with higher energy levels due to the more significant breakthroughs.

Because macro flash is created around the annular lens of contemporary cameras now featured in the marketplace, it’s going to emit an even distribution of light where flash settings are recommended. Also, the brightness of the light, as well as the intensity level, radiated a halo effect. The halo effect is caused by shooting pictures from the sunlight. This creates an unreal luminescence around the subject, which further improves the perspective of the subject that is said.

The LED ring lights photography caters to broad varieties of photography techniques on needing the photographers. They’re more economical in comparison with other macro flash options accessible the marketplace. Besides these, it doesn’t have the metering settings of the camera as well as problems with compatibility in shooting pictures, since this kind of light does not use flash.


Overcome the Darkness by Buying Stylish Lamps

Lighting regularly performs a full-size function in each vicinity permits getting the brightness to the premises. In reality, a large collection of Lights OK is giving a great possibility for the clients to apply the lighting fixtures machine. However, the mild suggests good efforts for the economic and home belongings to apply efficaciously. Of route, the lighting offer atmosphere brightness to the vicinity which permits the humans to get the proper view. Evidently, the lighting adequate gives the right method for the customers to install the unit. This lets you maintain updated at the cutting-edge lighting fixtures information, technology in lights and simple set up courses for the clients. So, this affords the proper approach for the use of the lighting fixtures device for all people to go through effortlessly.

A special range of lighting:

Then again, the website online has full-size collections of lighting that cope with the customers to install in keeping with the requirement. They may be specialized in giving down lights, low power lighting, and commercial lighting. It is based within the extra Manchester and holds vast collections of LED lighting fixtures, Lamps, and strip. Therefore, it’s far important for the clients to name their offerings and order for the one-of-a-kind variety of lights to you want and desire. Furthermore, it handles the lights that take part in giving remarkable guidance for the lighting device in a hasty method. Online you can save the emblem you adore which controls by way of leading lighting manufacturers all the time. It additionally offers professional recommendation wherein it tells everything approximately the lights suggestions. It made store easy for the customers who want to get the whole lot on the single click.

Stylish lamp collections:

Furthermore, they are offering main lights that display appropriate arrival based totally on current and fashionable lighting choice. Additionally, it stands apart from the excellent collections in which it handles the complement through taking ornamental lighting fixtures for all time. Moreover, the down lights play a good sized function in giving the bendy choice for all of us. Of direction, the one’s lights are a beautiful one and hence imparting recess with ceiling belongings and get more details online. It offers an outstanding light fixture that permits the customers to rent the high-quality lighting carriers forever. Therefore, its miles suitable for the customers to pick this provider who offers entire lighting gadget without difficulty. As in step with your choice, you can keep any lights that meet consistently with the requirement.

At Lights OK you will find many brand name light fittings for homes and offices all the very best prices guaranteed!


The Ins and Outs of the Best Desk Phones for Offices

There are few things more important to or, indeed, ubiquitous within an office than desk phones. Even in an age where everyone has a cell phone, there’s simply no replacement for a dedicated landline which connects directly to your business.

That said, not all desk phones are created equal and you want the best desk phone possible for all your call handling needs. Here, then, are just a few features leading brands, such as Commander, offer in their leading office desk phone models.

Streamlined Design

One of the reasons smartphones have taken off in popularity—besides the fact that they are portable and feature online connectivity, of course—is their streamlined design. There is simply no replacement for quality streamlined designs which make it easier to use a tool, and phones are no exception. As such, the best desk phones out there feature a streamlined design which makes it easy to find and use any given function, all while making the unit more aesthetically pleasing. For example, common features such as the ability to put calls on speaker or connect to a conference call are grouped together according to function, making these phones easier to others on the market.

It’s the embodiment of efficiency—and that’s always welcome within the workplace.

Ergonomically Designed

That streamlined design is beneficial in more ways than one. It also makes it easier to pick up and use desk phones such as these. With everything from the layout of the buttons, to the phone itself, designed to be easier to touch, hold, and use, these type of desk phones are ergonomically optimised so as to make it easier and more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

Smartphone Connectivity

It’s safe to say the tech industry in general, and the market for smartphones in particular, is exploding like never before. Smartphones have, in just a little over a decade, completely reshaped the way in which many of us communicate, shop, listen to music, interact with friends, and really carry out so many of the most essential and enjoyable aspects of our daily lives. This makes the purchase of a smartphone a pretty important and—with units costing hundreds of dollars—expensive decision.

This in turn makes it important to find a landline phone which can interact with your smartphone and help keep you connected wherever you go. The best desk phones today do just that, offering Wi-Fi capability which enables them to connect to your smartphone, and vice versa. What’s more, you can transfer a call from your desk phone to your smartphone without losing the call in the process, truly enabling you greater freedom for all of your most important business deals. These units offer an Internet speed of 2.4/5GHz dual band and 802.11n Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect quickly and effectively to anyone out there, and likewise tie the phone in with the rest of your workplace.

And what’s more, dedicated desk phones are simply the mark of a proper, successful business, so be sure to get the best model on the market for your place of work today.