Difference Between 3D LED And Smart TV


Houses are getting smart and moving towards the smart technology with smart lighting, smart appliances and so on. Televisions have got smarter too and this has incredibly improved the way we enjoy entrainment in our daily life. So, if you are thinking of buying a new television then there are several types of technologies available that may perplex you. The most common of all the types are 3D LED and Smart TV.

Most televisions have outgrown the LCD technology and these days most of the standard televisions are made from LED material. The Smart televisions are basically LED models that come with Internet capabilities, hence they have the ‘Smart’ in their names such like smartphones. These television sets can be used to enjoy a plethora of Internet features such as watching movies online, transferring videos and images online etc.

3D LED Television

Now let’s see what is a 3D LED television. When we say 3D TV, it actually means a HDTV that comes with 3D compatibility. This is a feature that comes on the higher-end LCD, LED and plasma TVs that were released in 2010. These types of television sets are capable of displaying the specialized 3D content which uses some specific accessories such as a 3D source device and 3D glasses.

Most of the 3D TVs that you see in the market today are first and foremost 2D high definition and they don’t need any special glasses to view them. The 3D technology is no doubt an immersive experience and people just love to try this however for only a short time. It is worth noting that prolonged exposure to 3D can give you eye fatigue, headache and dizziness.

The 3D compatibility of the television sets is just another extra feature or capability just like a fancy remote or Internet streaming. You may either take it or leave it, as you desire.  It is a feature that manufacturers use to differentiate an expensive model from a low cost one.

Most of the 3D TVs will come with a 3D glasses that helps you see the 3D content with great ease. The image displayed on the screen is basically separated into two different images, one that is meant for the right eye and the other one is designed for the left eye. If you watch 3D content without the glasses, the picture quality seems fuzzy. When you wear the glasses, this process is known as fusing and this phenomenon is called stereopsis.

3D LED or Smart TV

If you are confused whether you want to buy a 3D TV or Smart TV, it is important that you first decide what it that you actually want from a television is. Do you want your television to be Wi-Fi enabled so that you watch streaming online videos and other amazing stuff? Do you want your television to be three dimensional so that you can enjoy a more immersive experience?

We hope the above information gives you an idea about the difference between 3D LED and Smart TV. Keep watching this space for more information.