TCXO Vs. OCXO Oscillators


When it comes to choosing oscillators, you needn’t look any further than Euroquartz! Euroquartz is your go-to provider of the TCXO Oscillator, as well as the OCXO Oscillator.

A Quartz crystal oscillator is used to create an electrical signal, as well as providing a precise frequency. The crystal oscillators supplied by Euroquartz are popular for their ability to keep track of time. The circuit of the Quartz crystal oscillators is integrated too.

When deciding which oscillator is best for your application, Euroquartz make the process easier, allowing you to choose a crystal or a temperature controlled oscillator. But what’s the difference?

Temperature Controlled Oscillators.

The TCXO Oscillator can reliably keep track of time and is one of the most cost-effective oscillators on the market. As well as this, it’s renowned for its high-performing nature, hence why it’s used for smartphones and GPS.


An example of one of the temperature controlled oscillators from Euroquartz is the EM53T CMOS TCXO. This is a miniature 4 pad SMD which is a high-specification product that is low cost. Euroquartz supply this Quartz crystal oscillator in a variety of frequencies- click here to find out more!

Oven Controlled Oscillators.

In contrast to this, the OCXO Oscillator is more expensive than the TCXO, however, it has more to offer. The OCXO Oscillator has a large footprint when compared to that of other oscillators, however, this doesn’t impact upon its performance! This type of oscillator offers greater stability and precision, making it a reliable choice for military equipment.

YH1311- Sine Wave OCXO

Euroquartz has an extensive range of oscillators available for you to choose from, including the YH1311 oscillator. This type of oscillator is an example of a crystal oven which provides little disruption. The oscillator features a low phase noise and has a frequency range of 10MHz right up to 30MHz. Check out the crystal oven today!


The design of the crystal oven and the temperature controlled products is very different. The TCXO Oscillator is used to control voltage whereas the OCXO Oscillator is used to control power. In addition to this, the design of the TCXO Oscillator is designed to stabilise frequency and maintain precision but the crystal oven is designed to operate at a specific temperature and is designed to be long-lasting.


The warm-up period of the two varies. The crystal oven takes longer to warm up than the temperature controlled oscillator because it operates best when it reaches a certain temperature. The TCXO generates a thermal equilibrium which allows it to work so efficiently.


Needless to say, everything requires careful consideration and regular maintenance, however, any Quartz crystal oscillator from Euroquartz requires periodic testing. This testing is recommended every 6 to 12 months, it merely depends on the device itself.

The calibration of the Quartz crystal oscillator is dependent on a number of factors, one of which being the accuracy of the oscillator. If the device has high electrical sensitivity, there needs to be regular calibration to ensure that maximum functionality is achieved.

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