We are in 2018 and saying you need a phone that only sends and receives texts and makes and receives is no longer a plausible excuse for avoiding technology. There are smartphones which do basically anything you’d wish for, and, of course, there are apps for everything now.

Technology has advanced and broken unimaginable barriers. Common devices are getting smarter: smart TV, smart fridge, and smart homes. Robots, artificial intelligence, and Augmented Reality are now mainstream. Robots can now cook, and in a few years, with the advancement of technology, we could attend job interviews with robots as the interviewing panel.

A Smartphone

The major smartphone manufactures releases several smartphones annually ranging in prices, features and performance. Even then the major operating system for smartphones is Android run by Google and the iOS that comes installed on all the iPhones from Apple.

Whichever OS you prefer, you need a smartphone for easy and convenient connectivity to the internet and the rest of the world. In a world where there is demand for information at your fingertips, a smartphone will come in handy.

There are downloadable applications for either operating systems with the Google Play store for Android users and iTunes for iOS users. From these two platforms, you can practically download all the apps you could ever need. From communication tools like Viber and Whatsapp to fitness tracking apps like Google Fit and iOS Health to help you stay healthy and fit. From photo sharing apps like Instagram to microblogging ones like Twitter. You can get more organized with Evernote and other scheduling apps.

Smartphones are getting more powerful by the day, and high-end smartphones incorporate artificial intelligence that makes Siri and Google Now, which are digital assistants, possible.

A professional camera

All smartphones come installed with at least a 5MP camera, which is not bad for taking selfies and social media photos. If you want high-quality photos, however, you must invest in a high-quality camera. A professional camera comes in handy when you are traveling, and you need to capture the moments for posterity.

A high-quality standalone camera has much more pixels than your average smartphone cameras and should be capable of shooting high-quality HD photos and videos. The good things about professional cameras are that you don’t have to break the bank to acquire one. There are budget DLSR cameras which shoot amazing photos. You can check a selection of some of the best cameras at maxcnash.com.

A smart TV

If you are thinking of buying a TV in 2018, then go for a smart TV. Smart TVs have been around for a while now and are becoming more affordable. The picture quality has significantly improved as well as the screen size.

You need a smart TV not only for the internet connection they have but also for the ease of access to great online content. With a smart TV, you have access to unlimited sporting action, news channels, movies and series in addition to Internet TVs like Netflix and Hulu. Better still, you can download your favorite apps through a smart TV.