5 Ways Internet-related Activities Have Become Addicting to Young People


The Internet has slowly turned into people’s refuge when life becomes too difficult and demanding. It is indeed tempting to take a trip away from the hustles and bustles of life. However, indulging yourself much on the online activities will make you lose track of time. Quitting then becomes more difficult.

Young people tend to be more invested in online activities than adults. It might be because they’ve grown with this technological discovery. It might also be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Young people make the Internet their personal escape route.

The world of virtual reality offers heavy entertainment, a distraction from the problems they have in the real world. Most young people immerse themselves in games as they feel that they take them into another world. Running away from the problems is, after all, easier than facing them. Moreover, game developers give them much control over their virtual lives than the ones they are presently living because games are set to be accomplished. Life is more complicated and can’t be conquered easily.

  1. Young people feel that the internet is controllable.

Young people feel that they can easily create and put into action the contents of their own imagination when playing games or using social media. There they start living in a world of their own fantasies, which is highly addictive. Like in playing games and using social media, you can deal only with the things that matter and disregard those that you do not find rewarding and pleasing.

  1. Young people can create another persona of their choice.

Through the use of the internet, young people can create a new persona that is more appealing to them. While this can give them more positive experiences, they will start to lose their real identities. The situation gets graver when they create personal connections online by using their fake personality or identity.

  1. Young people love socializing.

Adolescence is high time for socializing. It’s the time when people want to create more meaningful relationships with those of the same age. Through the use of social media and other online game communities, this need is satisfied. Thus, subscribing to an internet service such as www.internetchoice.org gives you a chance to help your child learn more from others and grow their interpersonal skills.

  1. Young people view the internet as a limitless medium.

As there are a number of activities one can do with the use of internet, young people has seized the opportunity to do more diverse activities. From taking control of their own purchases (e.g. online shopping), their own entertainment (i.e. gaming), and their own learning (through the use of YouTube and other informative websites) to socializing, they can have a more fun yet convenient life.


A cognitive expert once said that the Internet is not as addictive as pharmacological substances; however, it is as compelling, distracting, and compulsive. Thus, parents must be able to properly educate their young ones regarding the use of internet.