5 Reasons Why Every College Student Should Create a LinkedIn Account


College can be tough, but finding a job after college can be even tougher. Indeed, you have to keep in mind a lot of different factors if you want to quickly land a job after graduation. For instance, did you make sure to take all those courses required to tie up your degree? If you didn’t, you may have another semester of college ahead of you. Moreover, you have to make sure your resume is in order. Did you make sure to include those summer internships? Did you forget to add that part time job between your first and second year of college?

To simplify things, you may just want to set up a LinkedIn account. With a LinkedIn account, you can update all of your employment details and you can provide contact information, so employers can connect with you. However, there are a number of other reasons why you definitely want to set up an account. Here are five reasons why every college student should create a LinkedIn account.

  1. Create buzz about your talents.

One of the best ways to utilize LinkedIn – and one of the biggest reasons why you should set up an account on the platform – is because you can really exemplify your talents without having to write an essay about it. Employers can see the information plain as day and weigh it against other applicants.

  1. Connect Directly with Recruiters

Right now, recruiters are using LinkedIn more than ever. This is especially the case in the tech and finance fields. Recruiters make money from the corporations looking to hire talent. In the old days, recruiters may have hit the streets, but these days they are using LinkedIn.

  1. Stay on the Radar of Potential Employers

Another reason why you want to use LinkedIn is because you want to stay on the radar of employers. Without a LinkedIn account, you won’t even be a blip. Even if you excelled in college or at an internship, without a LinkedIn account, you may as well not exist in the workforce. These days, employers use filtering systems to find employees and if your LinkedIn isn’t complete, you may not filter through and you could lose your chances of landing a job.

  1. It’s Easier than Continually Updating Your Resume

In the old days, you may have had to update your resume every few years, but now you can just login to LinkedIn and update it right there. Moreover, you don’t have to keep printing out your resume, which can not only be a big time consumer – it is also bad for the environment. All in all, LinkedIn makes the application and resume process a serious breeze.

  1. It May be the Best Way to Score a Job After College

On top of everything, setting up a LinkedIn account may be your only way of actually landing a job when you graduate from college. Whether you go to New England College or University of California – Irvine, you want to do everything you can to narrow the window between walking in your graduation ceremony and your first day of work.