5 Photo Tips For Selling Your Old Belongings Online

Old Belongings Online

Wondering what to do with that pile of clothes in your closet you never wear? Or the old toys the kids have outgrown?

Selling your unwanted items online is an easy way to make some fast cash—and to clear out space in your home. However, if you want to sell your items, you need to take amazing photos of them, making them appealing to buyers.

You can use your smartphone, but you’ll get better results from a camera designed for product photography. If you’re ready to take lots of photos and sell some unwanted goods, read on to find five photo tips to help you sell your items faster.

  1. Use a Plain Background

When selling belongings, you always want your product to be the focus of the shot—not your messy bedroom in the background!

When taking photos, many photographers use a plain white or black backdrop, so it doesn’t distract from the product itself. However, if you don’t have a plain backdrop, you can remove background of a picture with photo editing software.

  1. Choose the Right Lighting

One of our top photography tips is to use the right lighting. Natural light, coming in from behind your product, tends to give the best light when taking photos.

If you don’t have much natural light, you can also invest in a lightbox, which is an easy way to brighten up your product photos.

  1. Iron Any Wrinkles from Clothing

When you’re selling clothes, you want to make sure they look their best. No one is going to want to buy a dress that looks wrinkled and creased!

Instead, take a few minutes to iron it, fasten any buttons or zippers, and make sure it looks its best. Presentation is important, especially when it comes to clothing, and can help your items sell for more money.

  1. Use a Tripod

Buyers want to get a good look at your product, which means a blurry image isn’t going to do them any favors. For this reason, it can help to use a tripod when taking photos, as this will keep your camera still, giving your clear, focused photos.

  1. Take Multiple Photos

Remember that one photo is never enough. Buyers need to see your item from multiple angles, so they can get a better understanding of its condition and how it looks.

Aim to take at least 4-5 photos of each item you’re selling, from both front, behind, and above.

Sell Your Items Faster With These Photo Tips

These photo tips should help you sell your items faster, so get started today! While product photography is a skill that takes time to master, the basics mentioned above should be enough to help you take decent images.

Once your images are ready, write an honest description of the product, then list your ads on online sites. You may need to be willing to negotiate on your pricing, but we bet your items will sell before you know it!

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