A Glance through the Success Story of Firass Abbass, A summary

Firass Abbass, A summary

Firass Abbass is a young Lebanese entrepreneur rising through the lines in the digital marketing world. Coming from a working-class family in North Meryata, Lebanon, he has, through hard graft and determination, successfully become CEO of one of Dubai’s leading marketing agencies, with plans to expand into a multi-faceted international holding company.

Mr. Abbass has, at just the mere age of 33, already worked within a broad range of industries. Starting his career in retail, at high-street fashion store Abercrombie and Fitch, Firass was quickly scouted by a modeling agency and found himself moving into the entertainment industry, with success in both modeling and acting. The imminent presence of Firass in this industry began to grow as he became a presenter of one of Dubai’s top TV shows from 2015 to 2017, Seha w Safar. As he began to build a network of contacts using his newfound platform, his aspirations to make headway into the business industry also grew. As a result, in 200…, Firass was able to fund his own university tuition and sent himself to study business marketing at the Open Arab University. During his studies, Firass developed an enthusiasm for digital marketing and business. After some time traveling, he spotted a gap in the market for a full-circle marketing agency in the fast-paced and increasingly international city of Dubai in the UAE. From this, he dedicated his focus on filling this gap in the form of the Kingsmen Marketing Agency. With Firass’s network of contacts, people’s skills, and eye for talent …he has impressively composed a team of handpicked experts from around the world that now make up a growing modern and innovative marketing tool. Already working with some of the leading companies and brands across the UAE, particularly in the hospitality industry, The Kingsmen Agency is already recognized as one of the best digital and social media marketing agencies in the region, with advanced technological services to back it. As such, it has plans to expand throughout the Middle East, with planned openings in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and India, alongside developing into a holding company with talks of a new app.

From a very young age, Firass had aspirations to be working for himself by the age of 30 as a business professional…., and he has done just that. He is a classic self-made success story….and shows no signs of lagging. We look forward to witnessing where the Kingsmen Group takes us as it leads us into a new era of online marketing and social world.