Comparison – Top 3 managed WordPress hosting providers

WordPress hosting

Are you looking for a managed WordPress hosting plan? You might already know about some of the common hosting providers that offer managed WordPress plans. A managed WordPress hosting plan tends to run much higher than the average shared posting plan. This might have caused you to reconsider if you would really need a managed WordPress hosting plan. Let us take a look into the pros and cons of every hosting provider.

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WPEngine offers VIP managed WordPress hosting. If shared web hosting is not enough for you and you need hassle-free hosting, you will have to look at their hosting plans. It is one of the best-managed hosting options. The price tends to run a bit higher than other hosting providers. However, the company emphasises excellent support, fast loading times, and secure servers.

WPEngine has a team of WordPress experts who will keep your website fast and secure. It is definitely one of the most popular hosting companies out there. The key features include a custom dashboard, fast performance, a staging area for you to test your themes and plugins, and, obviously, automatic backups. You would rarely need to look beyond their managed WordPress hosting solutions.

  1. Flywheel

Flywheel was built with designers and creators in mind. They offer cost-effective managed WordPress hosting plans. Their hosting plans are created to streamline the workflow of web designers. Some nifty features include billing transfers to your clients, easy collaboration, and staging sites. Furthermore, you can manage all the websites from one dashboard. The support team has WordPress experts, including many designers, and you can rest assured that your biggest problems will be solved by the best out there.

If you look at their features, you will be amazed at the lighting speed, nightly backups, intuitive SFTp, security around the clock, and agency features. The plans also have reasonable prices.

  1. Bluehost

A lot of website owners identify Bluehost as the destination for shared hosting plans. However, Bluehost also offers good WordPress hosting. Even though these are costly compared to the shared hosting plans, you will find that they do not cost as much as the managed WordPress plans from some other providers. It is a solid budget option if you are not ready for huge bucks.

You will get unlimited sites and storage facilities with this plan. Backups of your data will be done daily. Bluehost will also scan your system for malware and protect your system from other security problems. You will also get staging sites so that you can test your changes and updates before you make them live. The fact that they support unlimited websites is what puts them apart from hosting providers.

If you are looking for the top 3 hosting service providers to choose from, you will need to select one of these options. Each of these hosting providers has its key feature. Depending on what you need for your business, you can make a sound choice.