Why is video downloader better than online watching?


Binge watching is the new trend of the generation today. Digital media has taken over the idiot box undoubtedly. And why not, it gives you so much of convenience, you could watch any series, serial, movie, music video, news, songs, DIY, hacks and what not, anywhere, anytime and from multiple devices. All you need to have is a good internet and a phone/laptop/computer/iPad. The only concern of it is your internet connectivity. Until you are in a good network zone, your binge watching experience would not be that pleasing. You might get a lot of buffering and waiting and depleted video quality if you are in a low network area or worse no-connectivity would not allow you to watch anything online at all. The online platform seems very tempting and people prefer watching content on internet as they consider it as more trending and up to date. Many people think that if they could enjoy watching videos without waiting for them to download offline, why should they opt for a video downloader?

Watching videos – Internet or no Internet

Your video watching experience would depend on your internet connectivity. You might receive high networks in some places and dead networks in others. What would you do if you are completely dependent on your network speed for watching content online in such a situation? Obviously, you would feel disappointed.

This feeling could be converted into satisfaction with a video downloader. Vidmate app is one such video downloading app that allows you to download videos and watch them whenever you want to.

The myth that downloading a video takes too long could only prevail for downloading it by apps that are specifically made for online streaming. Video downloading apps prepare such software that their users could download videos rapidly. Regardless of your internet speed, your video would download in friction seconds and the wait for it would be just enough to build excitement of the video.

Sharing is caring

Another advantage of downloading video from video downloading app is that you get to share the videos. When you stream a video online, most websites do not allow you to share it on other mediums like WhatsApp. Vidmate app allows you to download videos from any source. Once you search for the title of a video, you get to see a list of various platforms that have that video. You could easily download it from where you want to.

The simple steps include choice of resolution i.e. quality of the video and file type. In few minutes, the video would get downloaded on your mobile or device and you would enjoy able to share it with your peers, family members and friends via Bluetooth, Whatsapp, SHAREit or anywhere else you want to.

By video downloading apps, the control shifts in your hands now. You could download whole series together and stream it even when you are not connected to the internet. It could be your partner in your metro rides, airplane journey or dead Wi-Fi times.