3 Common Computer Issues and How to Fix Them

Computer Issues

Whether for business or pleasure, your computer can easily develop a problem. It might be hardware related, or perhaps a software configuration that causes an error, and unless you happen to be a computer technician, you are well-advised to seek professional help when your computer is not performing as it should. Here are a few problems that might arise when using your computer.

  1. Machine Becomes Slow and Unresponsive – Of the many London computer repairs, this is probably the most common, and it might be caused by a lack of RAM, or a drive with no remaining space.
  2. Computer Boots Up to a Black Screen – In the event your monitor does not seem to be working, but the hard drive is active, this would likely be due to a video card error. The video card transforms the data to allow a visual representation, and should the card malfunction, a black screen is the result.
  3. Operating System Fails to Load – If you are running a version of Windows and there is a problem when booting up, the system files might be corrupt. You could use “system restore” which reverts the operating system to a pre-defines point in the past, but the best solution is to take the machine to a computer repair centre.

Computers are very complex machines, and unless you know what you are doing, making changes in the control panel could render the computer in an even worse state. Don’t take any chances and call your local computer repair centre, as they have both the know-how and the resources to find the problem and fix it.