Top Internet Remote Access Software


First off, let’s start with a definition of remote access software. Apps of this kind make it possible to reach remote computers, share desktops and even control someone else’s PC remotely. Some apps allow sending files between connected computers. Remote access apps are very popular among organizations dealing with customer support.


In fact, having an app for a remote access will help you help other people who might not too knowledgeable in software and computers. Have you tried to explain your mother how to set up a new wireless connection? Just using your phone! Well, if you haven’t, give it a try. I bet you will go nuts, especially if your mom does not know anything about this stuff.


However, if you have a remote access app installed at her and your PC, the task becomes way easier since not only the remote desktop is in front of your eyes, but also have the ability to access control panel, open files, start and terminate services. In other words, this is the same experience as if you use your own PC. I’ll help you pick the right software. Stay with me.


What I like about free apps is that they are free. Well, this is just the case with TeamViewer. This is a free and an incredibly powerful app that will allow a full time access to a remote computer. Moreover, you can organize online meetings with up to 25 participants, which is a good option for corporate webinars. Access is granted anytime and anywhere, from any place in the world. I’d recommend this app for training sessions and support. Again, I will repeat that the software is free and supports lots of popular platforms. All you need to have is your browser. It is an easy to use app that requires no installation. Nice! To the contrary, you might have some issues with configuring it unless you possess at least elementary PC/software knowledge. To sum it up, I can only recommend TeamViewer!

LogMeIn Free

It’s free stuff again. LogMeIn is among top 3 remote access apps. Moreover, you can share files between computers, as well as perform printing from the remote PC! All you need is an Internet connection and a browser. On top of that, it is even possible to reboot a remote PC. Can you imagine this? Luckily, the software does not require any configuration and fine-tuning. Just fire up your favorite browser and you are ready to go.


What I like about this app is that it is incredibly fast. Also, it has extended functionality that will let you play games and watch movies from a remote PC. Sure, developers did not forget about files transfer and data protection.

Remote Utilities

If you are an IT professional I’d recommend using Remote Utilities. Unlike similar services it is not free. However, this is a reasonable cost for the set of features you get. You can find more info in the author byline.