IPhone Apps to help lower your fuel costs


The iphone is a versatile device. Apps developed for the iphone are very efficient, effective and functional for everyday life. With the amount of information increasing exponentially, smart phones have come to help us manage this information and use it to our advantage.

Besides making calls and social networking iphone apps also come in handy to help you lower your car fuel costs. They help you track your cars fuel use and help you get the lowest prices at your petrol station. There are several apps that can help you do this.

fuel price

1. AAA TripTrik Mobile

This app helps you find the lowest prices of fuel wherever you are. It also provides information on prices on all grades of fuel. It also provides maps and directions to the petrol stations and other places such as hotels.

2. Car economy

This is an app that helps calculate your car’s fuel economy or lack of it. It can give you real time information if you upgrade it.

3. Gas manager

This is a multi-functional app. It automatically tracks fuel economy, gas expenses and miles travelled. It can also calculate the carbon footprint from your car based on consumption. It also has a GPS function that can help you find hotels fuel stations and even your car.

4. Road trip Lite

This is an app that calculates fuel and maintenance costs and your car’s fuel economy. It also has the ability to import the data to Microsoft Office.

5. Repair pal

This app provides free repair estimates and a directory of repair shops based on repair shops and user reviews for those shops. When in need of roadside assistance this app helps you locate tow trucks that are near you.

6. Car Hubby

It tracks gas usage per miles and vehicle maintenance and gas expenses. It also helps remind you of upcoming service for your car.

7. MyMPG

This is an app that teaches motorists what to do to change the way the drive for more savings on fuel. It can sense acceleration and it encourages smooth driving while tracking a car’s fuel economy.

8. Iwrecked

This app comes in handy when you have wrecked your car. It provides fields for recording the location, dates, names and insurance information of the other party. It helps get the nearest taxi contacts and tow trucks to come help you.

9. Carticipate

This app allows you form and coordinate carpools. It allows you and your fellow car poolers to communicate easily and coordinate your group.

10. Trapster

This app informs drivers of speed traps. It also gives information on speed cameras, accidents and other highway hazards.

All these apps are available for free for the iphone. They will help you the driver manage your fuel consumption and help you reduce fuel expenses by guiding you to the best priced fuel stations. These apps also help you manage your maintenance expenses and remind you of the next service day for your car.

Driving a car is an integral part of life which enables people move from one point to another. To drive a car you will require a provisional driving licence after you are through with your driving classes. With these apps you will be able to save on your fuel and maintenance expenses.