Take Instagram to the next level: how the best in the world are doing it


It is one of the most sought after marketing channels, and joining is absolutely free, and even though advertisers pay, there are many ways through which one can get ahead of the competition and drive traffic to their travel blog by using some of its more generic features. Those looking to improve the number of their Instagram followers and get those likes might want to consider the following;


The photos on the account might be eye catching, but they only call attention to the blog or website when there is a reference name or brand that can be associated with it. One of the ways travel blogs and websites can do this is to add their website below their username. A clever trick is to go to one’s Facebook app and click on check in, then add the domain name as a location, without using the http://. After doing that, click on add photo and add location, and type the website name.

Content linking

The website, while helpful, sometimes might seem too general an idea, as one will still have to browse through to find what they are looking for. When one is using Instagram to target a particular niche of travelers, it might help to link the post with specific content. With a superb blog post of a story, linking an Instagram photo with the content is easy. Go to the bio and replace the link there with a link to the video or blog post, then at the end of the caption, politely ask followers to click on the link in the bio.

Respond online

Instagram is primarily a mobile app, but even the fact that it is a mobile app sometimes does not take away from the fact that finding time for all those comments on one’s phone might be difficult and tedious. It is possible to include Instagram on one’s schedule when working on a computer. The account can be accessed on a web browser and through it one can like photos, comment and delete spam. Engaging customers like this and answering their questions is important for the bottom line.


The bio is basically a short story of what the Instagram account entails, and an indication to the follower and potential customer of what other related sources of content might contain. In travel, as in other areas of life, first impressions are extremely important. While many have successfully formatted their bios, some still struggle. One of the clever tips is to use a different formatting app like a word document or note app, then copy and paste whatever the contents onto Instagram.


One of the reasons Instagram is so popular is the fact that it allows people to edit photos. To use those filters to edit, even without necessarily posting, set the phone on airplane mode and go through all the stages on the app, then click share. Airplane mode will not allow the photo to be shared, but the edited image will still remain on the phone.