HTML5: What Can It Do for You?


What can HTML5 do for you? A very good question indeed, since this special language is a crucial part of the communication people engage in every day. The four letters stand for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML tags are used in content description for documents, with each part of the content associated with a tag. A very basic example would be <html> Details of text/body </html>. The symbols with HTML inside define limits.

HTML5 has a few new elements, which separate this version from earlier editions. A couple of the additions are new elements such as <header> and <article>, new graphic elements such as <svg>, and new multimedia elements for <audio> and <video>.

What HTML Does

Of course, the purpose of HTML is rather straightforward – it is used to create Web pages. With HTML5, those who create Web pages will be able to do some more precise things to define what browsers do in most situations. To be able to create on today’s level, individuals will probably want to add the features of this new version to their toolbox, with HTML5 training.

Fortunately, there are experienced instructors and forward-looking companies such as New Horizons Learning Centres staying just ahead of the learning curve, so they can provide the necessary educational environment. The newest courses are designed for those who already understand HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets), the two key tools for this area of design.

New Courses

If you have already used these technologies to create pages of a basic nature but want to use the latest tools to created more advanced Web pages and to be able to test those pages, new courses in HTML5 training are probably for you. Level 1 programs begin with the fundamental concepts of the Web and the steps necessary to create a basic Web page. Formatting the page and creating lists are included at this early stage.

A second lesson covers the creation of headers and footers, as well as methods for categorising text. Instructors move on to show you how to enhance text, format lists, modify the background of a page, and work with images. You will also learn to:

  • Create a Table
  • Modify Table Structure
  • Format a Table with CSS
  • Create Links
  • Create Image Links and Email Links
  • Format Links with CSS

What to Expect

With the experts at New Horizons Learning Centres you will learn from certified trainers who have extensive experience in the real world of HTML and CSS. Representatives will also discuss your needs first so that you find the course that is correct for you. You can also expect strong support, a course-repeat option, online materials, and convenient locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Quality educational opportunities are available relatively close to home, so you can invest in your future by learning to use the newest technological tools. With these leading companies, you will benefit from a dedicated account manager who will work with you to ensure that your continuing education starts at the right place and continues in the right direction.