Search Engine Reputation Management Services: Portable Virtual Reality Gear

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Portable virtual reality gear is a company that is working on a VR gear that can be brought with you anywhere you go and they recently asked search engine reputation management services to help with search engine optimization on google and yahoo. Since there are so many companies who have created a VR helmet like Sony and Oculus, they will need to market the product in order to stand out in their target market.

Their target market is 19-28 year olds who love playing casual video games. The serious gamer will not like the product mainly due to the weaker graphics and performance compared to a PC or PS4. This portable VR gear is made for cellphones. It can be used with any new smartphone that was released since 2012. The way it works is you place your phone in the front pouch of the helmet and then rotate that pouch so that it can be worn on your head and play any VR compatible games on the smartphone. This helmet attachment is quite small and portable to carry around. It can be stored in any type of school bag, laptop bag, in various kinds of handbags and so on. It can even be placed in your rear pocket of your jeans or pants. It’s a flat plastic case that is malleable and can be folded and brought anywhere.

This was made for people on the go who are always on public transportation and search engine reputation management services realized there was no better group of people to market it towards. This can help ease the length of their time spent in a train or bus. It can still be used as many other functions just like the ones on the market but this model is a lot more portable since most of the helmet is made up of fabric and plastic; which makes it thin and light compared to the oculus rift, which can never fit in a regular school bag with a laptop in it.

Search engine reputation management services decided to make an interesting video and upload it to social media sites to gain some awareness and popularity. They noticed many people were very fascinated by the helmet and how portable it was. Some comments even said they would use this at home as their main VR helmet and the reason being is that it’s extremely affordable. The average VR helmet costs around $400, but this only costs $49.99. The price was the major factor for many consumers to decide if they would buy this product and now there are over 55, 000 people waiting to pre-order and still not sure about the unconfirmed number of people waiting to pre-order the helmet.