How To Defend Your Data From Email Security Flaws In 2017

Defend Your Data From Email Security Flaws In 2017

Data protection is one of the biggest issues that give most top companies heartache because almost every piece of data (including information and secrets) about their brand is usually stored online. So it is pertinent that these files or data (which are often transmitted via email and other online platforms) are guarded strictly by any means necessary.

This has given rise to a number of sophisticated techniques used by companies to guard data. So in this article, the various ways that businesses can use in protecting their emails and online data will be analyzed in order to make this process a lot easier.

Verify Where Data is Hosted

One of the most ideal ways to protect your data from email security flaws in 2017 is to always check a prospective cloud provider in order to validate how reliable their data hosting platform is. A good provider would offer to host within the legal jurisdiction and also put you through the legal ramification concerning their services. So, you can make the most beneficial choice for the service to your company’s vital data on because this is the first step to ensuring that your data is well protected.

Vet The Encryption That Is Used By Various Vendors

One of the reasons why a lot of company’s online data are compromised is due in large part to the fact that they don’t vet the encryption level of the platform that their server is hosted on. It is necessary that your security team insist on proper validation because if it is not tested by a standard laboratory, you stand the risk of being hacked by a bored college student.

Build Your Security Features.

When your in-house team develops the security that you use in protecting your data you stand a great chance of keeping your data safe. Your IT team can build security features like Content Security Policy and integrated into your external scripts as another layer of protection for your email system. Make use of https to avoid security breaches in unsecured areas, and inform your customers always to update their browsers themselves.

Align Your Security System With Your with business goals

You can better protect your email server if your security team works in sync with your business goals and revenue. They have to secure all critical servers and keep close eye on other hosting networks in the network like the testing facilities, and the end user’s PCs,

A lot of organizations tend to avoid security testing and auditing during external or internal reviews but doing this will only limit the level that you can monitor the platform that you are on. But it is important that you understand that any loophole found in any system can be used by Internet fraud stars or hackers to steal data from your company. Thus you have to ensure that all the necessary vetting are done by external service providers who can work with your team to make sure that all data are kept safe.

Furthermore, every staff have to be on alert and avoid opening suspicious emails which may affect the server of their company because this is one of the most popular but very effective ways of hacking into the email server of a company.

Other mistakes that you should avoid if you want to keep your email and other data safe include:

Emailing unencrypted data via an unsecure network

Storing unencrypted data on mobile devices

Taking sensitive data home from computers at work

Re-using passwords

Sharing passwords amongst staff

CSO’s not interchanging data security policies with employees

Forwarding official emails to other servers

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