How Single Sign-On Solution Leverages A Company’s Infrastructure


While working in a company or enterprise the executives and in fact all the people working therein need to exchange data or information. For this, various modes of communications and applications are used. Also the company employees need to explore numerous websites online for one reason or the other. All the employees need to use some user ID and password for the e-mails, applications or other web pages.

In order to assure a safe and risk-free login every time, single sign-on solutions are used. It is an authentication process under which the users are allowed to have access to multiple applications. In this process, only a single set of login details are used by the concerned person.

Generally, all the resources are linked to a local area network where single sign on solutions are used. This type of authentication system has a great impact on the infrastructure of the concerned company. Let us discuss about the Single Sign-On Solution in this article.

Safety of the users

Single sign on solution proves to be an excellent system for password management.It is because the users are required to use their login details only once. They can login across multiple resources and applications using the same details. It means users are saved from the process of re-authentication of password every time or in case they forget it. This password management system assures safety of the users’ details across multiple platforms.

Time saving

Single sign on solution proves to be quite time saving for the users. They may keep on using various applications or web pages and other online resources connected through LAN without the need to provide login details each time. As a result, the time of users is saved. They may use the time thus saved in other productive tasks. Also the help desk requests are reduced considerably with the use of single sign on solutions. It is due to complete control over the entire login process of all the users.

Improved productivity

Single sign on solution results in improvement in overall productivity of the company employees. It is because they may keep on working flawlessly without the need to use login details each time. At the same time, they are saved from the hassles of getting a new password in case they forget it. The resources being connected on the local area network can be operated and explored automatically. As a result, overall productivity of the users is improved.

Reduced risk of phishing

In the online world, most users get fraudulent emails asking for their personal details such as password, login ID or username etc. All this is done under the process of phishing wherein some fraud people or companies get personal details of the users and start misusing the same. When a person uses Single Sign on solutions then chances of such frauds are minimized or you can say eliminated altogether. This way the users as well as their companies are protected against any leakage of important information or data.

After reading all this, it is quite clear that single sign on solution has a positive impact on the infrastructure of any company.