8 Most Important Reasons for Hiring a PPC Expert


So you have an established website now. How do you get some traffic?

There are two main strategies: SEO and PPC. With SEO, you are trying to organically raise your standing on google with specifically tailored content. With PPC, you are paying for certain keywords to display your page.

SEO is great, but it is a more of a long term strategy, while PPC can get you some fast and quick traffic.

Both are complicated, but for PPC, we recommend you hire an expert. It will make things easier.

Here are the 8 most important reasons why:

Google’s Volatility

Google switches up its algorithms as often as the sun rises. One day you can be on the first page, and then the next day you’re on page 33. It’s so hard to keep up with all of these changing trends.

Understanding and predicting google has become an art that some people have just become fine tune adjusted to. Use these people. A PPC expert will know exactly what words to target so you don’t end up wasting any money.

Experienced Formulas for Success

Think about the expert’s perspective. They want to be fast and effective as to maximize their clientele. Because of this, they have nailed PPC down to a science. They have formulas that they have tried and tested that will allow you to have better traffic.

Don’t waste your time and efforts learning and building these formulas from scratch. There are people who are paid to do it, and also want to do it as fast as possible.

Web Design Assistance

A good expert in PPC will offer you some advice on your website design. These people are masters of understanding internet traffic flow. They know what sells and what doesn’t. They have worked with several online companies and have a good understanding of what you need.

Use this to your advantage. PPC experts like to communicate often. In these communications, they are likely to share some advice on how to better your website layout. Their business thrives on referrals so they are always willing to go the extra mile.

It’s Cheaper

Experts of PPC would not be in business if they didn’t bring you more money than you paid them. If the amount wasn’t substantial, no one would be interested in them. This means they know that their job rests on overwhelming success.

For this reason, they are better than you at PPC. They will bring in more revenue. That’s more positives. The money you spend on learning, training, and dealing with Adwords will be a great amount. Sure, it’s a very valuable skill and if you plan on launching several websites in the future, it’s a good idea to learn. But if you have just one or two projects, outsource the job to an expert.

Click Fraud

With PPC, you pay every time the ad is clicked. There is a fair amount of click fraud going on now days. Do you know how to check your logs and identify this click fraud? If not, this is money you are wasting.

An expert knows what fraud looks like. They have dealt with it before and can help identify it. It is in their benefit to identify the fraud; as false clicks would make them look bad as well. As someone who likes to protect his work, I highly recommend using PPC master to watch your back.

Technical Expertise

A good expert will tell you which keywords brought you sales, which ones are worth it, and which ones you should abandon. There is a good amount of data analysis involved.

Do you have the time to learn how to do all of this? Maybe. But do you have the time to keep up with this on a regular basis? Probably not.

This is a competitive and growing field. If you want to thrive in it, use someone who can help.

The Lingo & Jargon

Forget about the technical aspects. There is enough lingo and jargon in PPC to throw off any regular English language scholar. There are several abbreviations like CPA or CPC that you need to know by heart and there are several techniques like retargeting which you need to implicitly understand. Don’t bother learning this language. You don’t need to.

Best Results

If you are striving for the best quality work, then hire an expert. They are better at PPC than you. They have been doing it for years and made a career out of it. They have dealt with numerous companies in the same position as you.

Sure, maybe you’re a genius who can learn PPC and do it well. But nothing beats experience, and that’s what you get with an expert.