Advantages of Working with an SEO Reseller


An SEO reseller, or White Label SEO, is the practice of two companies working together to provide a single client with a variety of SEO services. There are a number of advantages to working this way including those to the client, the SEO reselling company, and the company in the middle which may be an SEO marketing agency, a public relations consultant, web hosting company, or entrepreneur.

Advantages to the SEO Reseller

There is one major advantage to the SEO reselling company and that is access to a much larger client base than they would have as an independent SEO company. For each client they obtain, they will have multiple clients to add to their list. At the same time, the reselling company will have the challenge of providing a broad range of services to companies with different needs. This can best be accomplished by having the original SEO company or entrepreneur retain control of the services so both companies deliver services that meet the expectations of every client.

Advantages to the Middle Company

Whether this company is an SEO agency, entrepreneur, or something else entirely, they have the responsibility of providing each of their clients with the SEO services they need to succeed. The problem for many of these businesses is that they have only a small general area of expertise. When they hire an SEO reseller, they can increase their offerings and provide a broader range of services. For example, clients that require link building services, articles, video and audio capabilities, press releases, and guest posting to make their online presence grow will have access to all that and more.

Advantages to the Client

The goal of both companies is to provide the best possible client satisfaction and increase their sales. By hiring an SEO reselling company, they are able to provide the diversity of professional SEO services that the client needs to increase their online visibility. The approach to SEO is more likely to get the desired results and achieve what the selling company agreed to do in the first place.

Hiring the Right SEO Reselling Company

If you search online, you will find thousands of white label companies, all promising to do the same thing: deliver great results for less. You should do your research to determine which ones actually deliver on their promises before agreeing on any specific company.

The SEO reseller should work in partnership with you to ensure you are delivering the services with the features that matter the most to each of your clients. At the same time, put the details of SEO into the hands of a trusted expert who can deliver types and quality of services that exceed your capabilities. An amateur should never be the one in charge of SEO for a business when it will play such an important role in its success.