Cloud Computing for Business


It is a shame when you run out of space on your server or hard drive. This can especially be detrimental for a small or even large business. Many businesses have started to seek alternatives to their own private servers or network drives. This alternative is on the rise with individual people as well. A cloud based storage is starting to be preferred because it is so convenient, and as long as you have internet access to get into the account you can upload and edit the cloud storage account anywhere. Many refer to this fast growing business or market as cloud computing. It is essentially using an internet-based method of storage to store and manage files. It is starting to out-compete any sort of physical network server or personal computer as a use of storing and managing files. The rapidly growing use of cloud computing is revolutionizing the market, especially for businesses.

Let’s face it, it is just very comforting knowing your business has an unlimited amount of storage space. This is possible only with some cloud computing providers on the internet today. There is no such thing as a personal network server with unlimited space, it just does not make any sense. Services that offer cloud computing monthly subscriptions simply create more ability to store files in their facility, allowing businesses to pay for subscriptions that allow them to store an unlimited supply of files on their system. One reason why this is possible is because the storage server market is constantly trying to find ways to become more efficient. They constantly are working on improving technology and inventing means and methods of storing as much as possible in the smallest amount of physical space. If you were to look back 15 years ago, most people did not know what a gigabyte was. This is yet another reason why the cloud computing market is growing so fast.

Speaking of unlimited storage, you may ask how it is possible for the provider to be able to supply that to businesses without going bankrupt or something. Some of the most important reasons are right above in the last paragraph, but another reason is because the customers pay enough for them to keep their services running. Cloud computing is offered in monthly subscriptions at reasonable prices, but these prices and revenue all added up together still exceeds what it costs for these providers to be able to offer mass cloud computing in the first place. These reasonable costs are spread out over lots of businesses, and the more customers willing to pay the provider’s prices, the more they can reduce their prices in theory.

Let’s talk about why cloud computing is important for a business, especially larger ones. Some of the business’s workers may be on business trips, or trying to work from home to finish up something direly needed the next day. If an employee is on a business trip working on a laptop away from a personal server, the employee no longer has the ability to access vital resources on that server and does not have the ability to upload vital resources back onto the server. An employee working from home cannot upload their progress on their work from home without being able to be connected to the server. A cloud computing system can eliminate these factors. A folder or account can be set to certain settings where anyone who can edit and access it can upload and download to and from the folder. This makes a business more efficient in being able to spread its vital resources and files quickly and effectively. This also allows for more work to get done overall, as employees will now be able to download a presentation from such a drive and present it to potential future sponsors and nail the presentation the right way.

The files are literally portable. There does not have to be any more excuses such as forgetting to upload a file from a home laptop or PC to a flash drive to be able to bring the file into work. That should not happen with a cloud computing system anymore, because as long as the person instantly uploads their work to the cloud, they won’t forget to add to a external source, or worse yet forget to bring the external source into work.

There are so many valuable uses for cloud computing in a business. Employees will now be able to access any files they need on the go, or anywhere they have internet access. A cloud computing system allows employees to be more flexible and more efficient. Certain subscriptions will allow a business to no longer have to worry about running out of space. Anyone with permission to access and edit the folders of files will be able to work in it.