Check Out Harry Potter Party: Guide for Throwing a Mystery Party

Harry Potter Party

It is essential to understand that murder mystery parties can provide your employees peace of mind regarding team building and improving the in-house relationships.

Therefore, if you wish to throw a mystery party, you need to know the basics and everything else you should do to make the exciting night.

Even though these instructions can change depending on circumstances, we decided to help you with the organization.

For instance, a theme depends on numerous factors, which means that you can throw a Harry Potter party or murder mystery depending on your preferences.

Let us start from the beginning.

Choose a Theme

The first thing you should do when making a teambuilding party is to determine a perfect theme that everyone will enjoy. Generally, it depends on the number of people you wish to invite as well as their interests.

That is why we advise you to list all potential ideas and create a rough plan that will help you with the process. You should check out the movies your employees enjoy and books and TV shows, among other things.

Creating a list of interests will determine the everyday things between everyone, which will help you find a perfect theme that will meet everyone’s preferences.

Besides, it would be best if you avoided the ideas with plenty of characters, which is why you need to balance the number of guests with the plan you wish to implement.

Create a Compelling Story

One of the choices you can make is to choose already drafted ideas, which are both exciting and useful for helping you along the way. However, if you wish to maintain creativity and save money, you can also write the story yourself.

It is vital to remember that you can choose two types of stories: free play and script. The best way to learn everything about these parties is by clicking here for more information.

When it comes to free play, the idea is that you will not have to create a script that everyone should play. Instead, the idea is to create a solid outline of acting and speaking prompts. However, everyone should rely on improvisation and enjoyment.

If you wish to make your game looser and allow others to have creative involvement in playing each character and solving the mystery.

On the other hand, you can choose a scripted murder mystery, which means you will have to create or purchase an already created script for everyone. Therefore, your employees and friends will have to follow a written dialogue, which will help them reach peace of mind.

It depends on whether you wish to create a fast-paced game or something that will unravel itself as time goes by. You can have a great time in both options, but the decision depends on the people you wish to play with.

It is vital to remember that you can implement as many details as you want to depend on what you wish to achieve for the story. At the same time, you can create additional elements that will bring the entire game to the next level, including false accusations and red herrings.

Remember that you should avoid discouraging and confusing your friends and coworkers, which is why you should add certain information and elements that will help them with the game’s goal.

That is the main reason you should think about maintaining simplicity while constructing a story. As you get more experienced, you will be able to make them more complicated than before.

Things You Need for Perfect Mystery Party

  • Introduction – This is the first aspect you should think about while creating your party. Generally, it is a way to introduce the storyline and all characters that are playing with you. The main goal is to provide everyone necessary information about each character and the context of murder, which is vital for further gameplay.
  • Description Cards – It is vital to understand that you need to outline a short biography and other characteristics and traits of each character on description cards and give each of them to everyone who is playing. It would be best if you outlined the characteristics, occupation, connections to at least one guest, clues about the murder, and everything else that will help guests enjoy the process. At the same time, you should create description cards filled with evidence that guests will find as the game starts. Remember that these cards should identify the particular prop you wish to use in the game, which will help others solve the mystery without any additional hassle.

Keep in mind that some mystery parties rely on character insight, which means you do not have to implement description cards. Everything depends on the players and their creativity.

How Should You Play?

We can differentiate a few rules that you should remember when it comes to murder mystery parties, including:

  • Stay in Character – The first thing you should remember is that staying in character is crucial because it will help you have a great time. Therefore, you should encourage others to stay in character from the moment they read description cards. You can also inform them about their characters a few days before the game to prepare appropriately for a role. Ask them to bring particular props and implement specific characteristics, including accent and other things that may be interesting to others. Besides, it would be best if you asked them to stay in character as much as possible so that everyone can enjoy it without any additional problem.

Check out this link: to learn how to throw a party for your coworkers.

  • Follow the Script – Finally, you should follow the outline or particular script you are created or rented for this particular occasion. Generally, you should provide to every character confidential info that they can share at a particular time throughout the game. It would help if you told them the exact moment they should reveal themselves, which will boost the entire game’s enjoyment, among other things.

Even though it seems like a lot of work, these parties’ main goal is to bond with your coworkers and have a great time. It is as simple as that.