Chat and Talk with Your Friends Using KIK Messenger


KIK Messenger is the proprietary instant messenger app for mobile devices from a Canada-based company named KIK Interactive. This mobile app is available for free and it can be downloaded and installed on iOS, Windows and Android phones. It has been created and developed after BlackBerry Messenger.

It makes use of the data plan of the smartphone or Wi-Fi connection so that it can transmit and obtain messages, photos, videos, mobile webpages, sketches and some other content after users have registered a username. KIK has been known for the remarkable features preserving the anonymity of users like permitting users to register without giving a phone number and preventing the users from being tracked on the service.

KIK online gives you the best experience more than simply messaging. It is the easiest way of connecting with your friends, remain within the loop and explore. You can do everything through chatting. There is no need to use phone numbers, select just a username.

Choose a person to chat 1-on-1 or in the groups. You can share pictures, GIFs, videos, games, etc. KIK online is giving you the chance to meet new friends and people who have the same interests with you. KIK Messenger is completely free and crazy fast cross-platform messaging app which will connect you to your dear friends and loved ones in real-time.

How Does KIK Messenger Work?

KIK Online can be used to chat and share photos privately, prepare for an excursion together with your friends or relatives, and stay connected to the most important people to your life. You are going to fall in love with this mobile app and here is the reason why:

  • Hands-down the quickest, most life-like chat experience for your mobile phone
  • Quick notifications to show you if a message has been sent, read and delivered
  • Picture sharing (share special moments privately as they take place or from your phone’s gallery)
  • Group chat (create groups through adding your friends to the conversations)
  • It is completely free as there are no ads and messaging fees

KIK Messenger comes with a beautiful feel and look. You may get offline messages, and push notifications and a lot more. Compared to SMS, KIK Messenger is faster and freer and this is like having a real and actual conversation with your friends or loved ones.  Some people who tested this mobile app said that they think it is faster and is more life-like compared to other messaging apps available in the app stores.

To register and get started in using this mobile app, you have to enter your first and last name, your email address, and your birthday. Users must be at least 13 years old. The names and birthdays of users will not be verified, permitting them to misrepresent their identity or hide their age if they want to. The registration process doesn’t require the use of a phone number, compared to other messaging apps that oblige users to give an active mobile phone number before the app can be used.