How Vinyl Can Save Your iPhone


No phone is just a phone — especially when the device in your hand is an iPhone 7. There’s almost nothing you can’t do with that little gadget. Finding the quickest route to your date is no problem, nor is accessing the cloud and editing some important documents while you travel. It’s your calendar, your contact book, your entertainment system, and your lifeline to the world around you. It wears multiple hats and plays several roles in your day-to-day life — which is reason enough to want to protect your 6s. That, combined with its price tag, should compel you to find a reliable means of security for your cell.

Stay clear of the average

When you think the words defence, security, protection, you probably naturally also think of hardy materials like thick plastics or even metals. Sometimes, however, the densest, strongest material isn’t going to provide the most security. Recall the lesson of the Titanic — the supposedly unsinkable ship that sunk because the metal alloys used in its hull were too brittle to stand up against the sharp edge of a mid-Atlantic ice burg.

Though different in scope, the same principles apply. Though cases made out of hard plastic may seem like the best option, they aren’t. Cases can crack easily when they encounter another object. They also add unnecessary bulk to the sleek 7, adding (in some case) full centimeters to the overall size. As phones go, the 7 is already large enough. Any larger and you’ll be fumbling with a Titanic of a phone.

Security from an unusual source

Vinyl, on the hand, is exactly the thin, flexible, and adaptable material that can withstand abuse without compromising on design. When made by expert manufacturers (manufacturers like dbrand that base their designs off of Apple’s exact blueprints of your phone) they can match the 7 perfectly. In fact, as you can see when you protect your new iPhone with skins from dbrand, 7 skins are measured within a micro-millimeter of the smartphone’s dimensions — offering a tight fit that won’t interfere with its looks, its feel, or its functionality.

What it won’t add in bulk, it will add in security. Thin it may be but the vinyl used in the best skins iPhone users trust will stand up to all that a case could — and more! If you accidentally place your phone in the same bag as spare change, pens, and other sharp objects, the vinyl will prevent any edges from scraping the aluminum. If you spill a coffee near your phone, the vinyl will bead the liquid and prevent it from seeping further than it should. Its texturized material adds traction, preventing it from sliding from surfaces or your hands to crack open on the floor. A cracked screen is an expensive problem to deal with, so you might as well take the effort to avoid it at all costs.

Vinyl, though unexpected, is an excellent addition to the iPhone 7 — or any Apple or Android phone. As long as you stick with a provider that can guarantee a fit down to the micro-millimeter, you can rest assured your cell has the right coverage to save it from danger — meaning you can keep using it to get to places and get work done.