5 advantages of internet media evolution over the years


As we all know, the Internet as we know it now was not that popular and worldwide at the beginning of this century.People were just getting to know the Internet and had no idea that they would be so addicted to it in a decade. The world as we know it now would be different without the Internet. In this article, we’ll explain the most important advantages of internet media evolution over the years.

First of the advantages is the evolution of mobile phones. At the beginning of the century people were using mobile phones just for calls and texting, but as the years passed by mobile phones developed. Smart phones became popular and more and more people started buying them. These days, it’s hard to imagine anyone using a phone without a touchscreen display or have apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and so on.

Secondly, it’s the introduction of the email. First email was sent in 1971. Emailing began to develop in the last 20 years. Before that, people just sent letters and faxes. Now, every human being on Earth has an email address and uses it daily. In 2012, 300 billion emails were sent. People use emails as an easier and faster way to communicate with each other.

Next is the evolution of social media usage. At the beginning of the century, companies like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Skype did not exist. They used Windows Live Messenger to send messages between them by computer. After that, all these companies were found and the number of post, tweets, messages, photos is rising every day. The number of users has been raising every year. Maybe the Internet would not be such a hit if it weren’t for these applications, but people’s addiction to them made it easier for the Internet to become such a success.

Maybe the most important of all is working from home. Unemployment has always been a problem. Since the introduction of Internet, people started to develop businesses from home and working from home. With people working from home, they don’t have to be employees at some company. They can be their own bosses in their own company. Freelancing has been an uprising trend these years. Students also have been a part of this trend. Finding job was never easy and with freelancing, people have been finding jobs easier. Sitting from home and making money online is now very much open to all people that are connected to the Internet. You just have to advertise yourself and your skills and hope that someone will recognize it and give you a chance.

Finally, payments over the Internet have brought people easier ways to pay bills, to check their balance account. Even working from home would not be possible if it weren’t for paying over the Internet. Now you can pay from home and not get out. Some people are lazy and paying over the Internet is definitely a benefit for them.

All in all, working from home may be the most important of all advantages, because of all benefits that people can gain by working from home.