4 Errors that Can Possibly Occur During Salesforce Data Migration


For a majority of companies today, data migration is the order of the day or month- depends on how frequently they need it. In other words is it simply a must. There are database changes, systems upgrades and such things that need to be conducted. In order for this to happen the businesses have to get their data refreshed and transfer from old storage places to new ones. It is worth mentioning that data decays if it is left in one place for a very long time and no one is watching over it. Therefore, it is important have a database administrator and other data handling professionals who will keep watch over the data and make sure that you get the best results from the efforts. Data migration in itself is not a really complicated process.

There are different approaches that you can employ and always there is a methodology to be analyzed. However, even this does not guarantee that the data migration process is going to be successful. Take for instance you need to move Salesforce test data from a full sandbox to a developer sandbox for the system upgrade activities you might need to get the data professionals to help you out. The reason why data migration becomes so difficult sometimes is because there are so many things that can go wrong.

Human is to error

Even if you are following the best practices of data migration, sometimes things might happen wrongly. There are mistakes that can potentially be made which is very understandable because human is to error. However, some of these mistakes are extremely risk, expensive and they take a lot of time to correctly. If you are a developer you might have to stall your project for a really long time to correct the mistakes that might have occurred.

This is why many developers are working with tools such as the Flosum data migrator. It is one of the best migration tools that are available online and you can get it at http://www.flosum.com/salesforce-data-migrator/. This data migrator makes things so much easier for both the developers and the business owners. If you want to most Salesforce test data around easily then this is the migrator that you should employ. It is extremely easy to understand and it saves your business a lot of money.

While you might not be able to avoid all the errors that are likely to occur during data migration you can spare yourself some serious ones. Some of the most common mistakes during data migration activities include:

  1. Using the wrong migration strategy or lacking a strategy entirely
  2. Inconsistencies in data and poor data management before the migration process
  3. Inflexibility and lack of cooperation among the teams that are involved in data migration
  4. Lack of proper after-migration validation

These are just some of the mistakes that are likely to occur. The best thing about them is that they might not cause humongous disasters. They are destructive but not to the extent of messing up with your data completely. Get a team of data experts who are going to get the project done successfully. If it trickle migration projects like moving test data from a full sandbox to another smaller sandbox, get a data migrator.

Author bio

Mark Stephen is a data consultant and Salesforce specialist. Of late he has been dealing a lot with clients seeking help with the data migration efforts. He always recommends the Flosum data migrator available at http://www.flosum.com/salesforce-data-migrator/.