Why South Korea has the World’s Fastest Internet?

South Korea super fast internet

It is South Korea, not the United States, that has the world’s fastest internet. That’s surprising isn’t it, after all, the United States is the world’s richest and technologically most advanced country. Indeed, the United States basically invented the internet and most of the top internet companies, such as Cisco Technologies, Google and Facebook are based in the U.S.

But no, it is South Korea that has the world’s fastest internet, and the cheapest too.  Indeed, internet in South Korea is four times faster than that in the U.S. South Korea has an average internet speed of 29 Mbps, which is way faster than that of the U.S., and 10 Mbps faster than that of Japan, which is another technologically advanced nation.

South Korea super fast internet

At DoSpeedTest.com, we have many Americans and South Koreans performing internet speed test, broadband speed test and DSL speed test on our site, which is the most accurate broadband internet speed testing tool out there, and we are often astonished by the wide disparity between the two countries when it comes to internet speed.

It’s not only about the internet speed – internet in South Korea is much cheaper than that in the U.S. The average internet connection in the U.S. costs $45.50 per month, while in South Korea, a broadband bill costs $28.50 on an average, which is $17 than that in the U.S.

The question is why South Korea has the world’s fastest internet, which is way faster than anything that the U.S. or any other country in the world offers. There are 5 big reasons for South Korea’s super fast internet speeds, let’s see what they are.

 Reason #1: Competition Among ISPs – In South Korea there is a fervent competition between ISPs, much greater than anything seen in the U.S.  Consumers in South Korea have a wide variety of choices when it comes to broadband carriers. The competition has made it a survival of the fittest for ISPs in South Korea, which means, every internet service provider in the country is in a race to provide the fastest internet at the most affordable prices.

Reason #2: The South Korean Culture – The South Korean culture is such that most people tend to be very internet savvy. Even older people in South Korea are plugged into the internet and expect super fast connections. The South Korean government has encouraged its citizens to take to computers and internet with enthusiasm. The government even subsidizes the cost of internet connections for the poorest people in the country. Parents in South Korea place a strong value on education and internet is considered to be an important part of that. So the Digital Impact on South Korea is more widespread than it is in any other country in the world. The policies of the South Korean government are to regulate less and to encourage the growth of internet in the country.

 Reason #3: South Korea has Open Networks – South Korea, and to an extent Japan, have embraced open networks, as opposed to closed networks for delivering high internet speeds. This means that broadband companies share the cables that carry Internet signals into people’s homes for a fixed fee. This infrastructure sharing is not possible in the U.S., which is unfortunate as what it does is to get more new ISPs to compete in the broadband market without setting up their own infrastructure from the scratch. So it creates more competition, which means faster and cheaper internet for all.

 Reason #4: High Population Density – South Korea has a very high population density of 1,200 people per square mile, which is much higher than the U.S., which has a population density of 88 people per square mile. So this means it costs much less to set up internet infrastructure in South Korea, while setting up a mammoth internet infrastructure in large countries such as the U.S, Canada or even India, is not so simple.

 Reason #5: South Korea Began Much Earlier Than Other Countries – It is only recently that countries like India have focused on providing internet for one and all. South Korea made digitalization a priority back in the late 1990s. That was when they decided that internet should become a universal right in their country, to be accessed by every citizen. This has given South Korea a first mover’s advantage and made it a leader in broadband technology. What’s more, South Korea is already trying out new technologies that involve super fast fiber optic cables, which could make internet in South Korea 10 times faster than it is now.

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