What is a SIM unlock?


The SIM unlocking procedure is also known as a procedure when you remove the barriers and restriction set by the carrier you bought your mobile phone from. Now all mobile phone devices are locked though. In fact, the SIM lock is a software that the carriers willingly activate the moment you decide to by the device by signing a contract in which it is stated that you commit to use the service of that carrier for at least 12 months. Some contracts last for 24 months and the longer the contract is signed for the cheaper the mobile phone would be for you.

Hence, it is no wonder that so many mobile phone devices are SIM locked today. What you didn’t know, though, is that there is a way to cheat the contract and avoid what it says in it without any consequences. You can remove the SIM lock anytime you want if you only knew how.

Today you will discover how to remove the SIM lock of any Samsung Galaxy S7 unit. The software application tool that will help you achieve that can be found under the name of Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Generator.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Generator

This tool is a free software application tool that enters any carrier’s database and gets you the unlock code you need to end the network restrictions your mobile phone has. When the unlock code is correctly applied you immediately deactivate the software that the carriers activated at the moment of transfer. This means that your Samsung Galaxy S7 will gain a status of never-locked. The new state in which your Samsung Galaxy S7 is now in will allow it to accept any SIM card from literally any mobile network carrier. You will also get access to many apps and tools, something that couldn’t have been done with your Samsung Galaxy S7 SIM locked. You can even decide to sell it and the buyer will never suspect that the device was ever SIM locked. I don’t need to remind you that never-locked mobile phone device are sold at a much higher price that the SIM locked one, so if this is what you want to do you are in for a big profit.

But how does the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Generator really function?

The Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Generator needs to be installed on your PC, laptop or tablet. After this you will have full access to the tool and you can see what options it does offer. Since the SIM unlock is of your primary interest you should select the “unlock” option.

Here you will have to enter the IMEI code of your Samsung Galaxy S7, the carrier and the country.

These are the three crucial pieces of information which the software of the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Generator will use to enter your carrier’s database and get the unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S7. The Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Generator will know which is the unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S7 device only by the IMEI code that you will provide in the first steps of the procedure.

Next, the software will automatically transfer this code to you on your email address.

Now it will be your turn to act. In this final step of the process you will have to insert a SIM card from a different carrier because that is the only way for you to insert the unlock code.

When you do this, turn on your mobile phone and wait for the “unlock code” request. Enter the unlock code carefully and that is it. The SIM unlocking procedure is completed.

Good luck using your upgraded Samsung Galaxy S7 and don’t forget to recommend the tool to all of your friends who have similar problems with their SIM locked handset units.