What Can LED Industry Learn From Solar?


LED is the new face of lighting as we all very well know. And it is rightly so because LED has proven to be the best solution to many of our woes when it comes to lighting. There used to hardly be times when we weren’t worried about our light bulbs being harmful to the environment that we breathe and live in. But since LED has made an appearance, we’ve worried about it less and less when using it. And yet there is still a lot of development that LED can make use of. What better way than to take some well needed lessons from the Solar industry?

Solar power is the best way to conserve energy, and we are aware of all the good results that it has brought forth. LED could surely use some of the knowledge so as to consume less energy yet provide the exact treatment as anything else does. Solar energy, although not very further in experience than LED, has made an important mark among consumers be it residential areas or commercial. It has come a long way, and you can see the evolution of Solar energy in the past decade. LED has a long way to go until it becomes just as sought after as Solar. Let us explore the various ways in which Solar can be helpful for the developing industry of LED.

Cost Management

It is no surprise that LED is a bit more expensive than consumers would like it to be. Those who can relatively afford the purchase and use of LED are making it their first priority, but others aren’t quite as acquainted with LED as the companies would like them to be. Solar power has come a long way in ensuring that. Since its inception, Solar energy products have lowered their costs up to 75 percent, which is still a substantially big number for LED to achieve.

LED is making its way up to become more cost effective than it is at the moment, no matter the fact that it has ensured enough development to become considerably popular among consumers. There are still some who prefer incandescent bulbs in place of LED, and the producers of incandescent and fluorescent lights surely would be trying hard enough to beat LED in lieu of getting more business.

LED should for certain be taking lessons to achieve the kind of popularity that Solar power has done by lowering costs enough to have it be increasingly sought after throughout the years. The past decade has not only seen the ever rising development of Solar energy but also the costs that have relatively been lowered to suit the needs of consumers, without whom the business wouldn’t flourish as much as it has done so far.

Sales increase when the cost is reduced: this is something LED should preferably learn from the Solar energy world.

Quality and Safety

The most important facet of increasing sales and becoming popular is to have prime quality in products and be just as safe as consumers require. Solar has already achieved this stand and is continuing to develop, without the fear of being defeated anytime soon. LED is required to take lessons from Solar over safety and quality assurance that is likely to increase its business by a considerable depth.

LED has managed to become this popular now, and it won’t be long before it joins the stride of Solar, in turn becoming just as sought after. But it must ensure that most of the aforesaid points are taken into consideration. Then there is hardly a way anything else can even think of dethroning LED, which it will have achieved through great penance and potential power. For more information on LED and lighting, refer to http://www.ledoutfitters.com/.

Financial Incentives

Solar energy has developed much further in the past decade. When it comes to tax credits on commercial and residential levels, Solar power has increasingly become much efficient. 76 percent annual growth of compounds has been seen in residential and commercial aspects, which is subject to be highly acclaimed.

LED, on the other hand, is yet to manage tax credits through incentive agendas that will increase residential or commercial sales that it desperately needs if it hopes to achieve the accolades that the industry of Solar energy has so far done. Consumers must be educated in this aspect to make LED more reliable as Solar has effectively managed to perform, but not without having crossed enough hurdles as LED will have to as well.